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As you’re likely aware, we’ve got a thing for Land Rover restorations here at The Coolector and that led us straight to the door of Arkonik a few years back and we’re mighty glad it did because they’re now one of our favourite brands. Well, their stock has just gone up even more in our eyes (if possible) as they’ve just launched an awesome new range of apparel that celebrates their top-notch workshop and love of adventure.

The new series of Arkonik Apparel is definitely right up our street here at The Coolector given our proclivity for all things typography and illustration inspired when it comes to apparel. Arkonik has released a small but perfectly formed collection of tees, sweaters and hoodies which will delight their many fans the world over.

Top Quality Apparel

If you’re a fan of Land Rovers, chances are you’ll love adventuring outdoors this summer and for those in the market for some apparel for the job, look no further than this new series of gear from the fellas at Arkonik. This brand new selection of tees, sweats and hoodies takes design inspiration from the iconic Land Rover and the workshop’s own lust for adventure.

As part of Arkonik’s green policy and a genuine passion for preserving our amazing planet, all of the pieces in the new Arkonik Apparel collection are crafted from organic cotton so you can feel good about rocking these tees, sweaters and hoodies this summer. We’re big fans of the retro style graphics on their gear and if that’s the sort of aesthetic that floats your boat, you’ll be in your element here.

For those who want to give their summer wardrobe a shot in the arm, heading over to the Arkonik store and grabbing some of these t-shirts or sweatshirts is an absolute no-brainer. Great looking, crafted from eco-conscious materials and pleasing affordable with the tees retailing at £30, the sweaters at £45 and the hoodies at £50 – what are you waiting for?

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