Arkonik Bluebell Land Rover Defender

The guys at our favourite Land Rover restoration workshop, Arkonik, are at it again and have just come up with another mesmerising release in the shape of this Bluebell Land Rover Defender. From the gleaming Arles Blue paintwork to the fully reconditioned V8 under the hood, you’ll not find many better road warriors than this to spend your money on.

This sprightly Bluebell Land Rover Defender 90 from Arkonik is built upon a 1990 model and wears its heart on its sleeve and with considerable pride. And so it should. It is perfectly presented in Arles Blue and Pepper White for an old school style aesthetic that we can’t get enough of here at The Coolector.

Understated Excellence

This is a Defender has been wonderfully reborn with originality and a sympathetic approach to the front, right and centre. OEM accessories and modular steel rims round out this awesome tribute to an automotive icon from the guys at Arkonik.

As with all the builds from Arkonik, the Bluebell Defender 90 is overflowing with cool features – both inside and out – which help set it apart from the completion and justify the $170k price tag. They cost a lot but the builds from Arkonik are always worth it and that’s why all of their new builds typically get sold in no time at all.

The owner of this celebrated Defender has opted to go for Round Table brown vintage leather throughout and this adds a devilishly dapper aesthetic to proceedings. This has been combined with matching door cards, black suede headlining and a leather rimmed steering wheel, to deliver a stunning interior that will never go out of style, yet will mature with elegance and grace.

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