Arkonik Midnight Defender 130

Arkonik are amongst the best in the business when it comes to Land Rover restorations and they’ve just tackled their first ever Defender 130 rebuild and, as you’d probably expect, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The Midnight Defender 130 from Arkonik is one mighty stealthy looking machine and that’s something which definitely resonates with our aesthetic sensibilities here at The Coolector.

With a price tag just shy of $200k, the Arkonik Midnight Defender 130 certainly doesn’t come cheap but, as is always the case with an Arkonik build, the level of attention to detail in the finish truly is second to none. Quality abounds both inside and out with this Midnight Defender 130 and for those with deep pockets and a love of Defenders, this one is the epitome of a no-brainer.

Ride in Style

Arkonik are rightly proud to reveal their first ever Defender 130 to leave their production line. This formidable and no-nonsense truck is destined for New York City and it’s sure to make a impactful statement each time the key goes into the ignition and it rumbles through the Big Apples’ urban jungle in search of adventure.

The Arkonik Midnight Defender 130 ($200k) has incredibly muscular haunches which have been adorned with pearlescent Mariana Black paintwork to give it the awesome stealthy aesthetic you see before you. Standing purposefully on Mach 5 beadlock alloys and finished off with a Safety Devices® Expedition roof rack and external roll-cage, time will literally stand still for all who care to admire.

When the exterior is as uncompromising as this Midnight 130 Defender from Arkonik, then the interior simply needed to follow suit. Elite Sport front heated seats support the driver and co-pilot and rear passengers are not left out and treated to the same Black leather trim with diamond cross stitch. A signature Arkon X leather steering wheel delivers first class feedback. Whilst a Pioneer® infotainment system, replete with Apple® CarPlay and reversing camera display add a digital element to this automotive behemoth.

One in a Million Design

Nobody does Defender restorations that can hold a torch to those from Arkonik and their latest offering, this Midnight Defender 130, might just be their most technically impressive and aesthetically superior to date. For those who demand the best, Arkonik will always be a first port of call and it’s because of stunning builds like this that this is the case.

The Midnight 130 Defender is the epitome of a head-turner out on the road and it will undoubtedly be a show-stopper as it makes its way down 5th Avenue in New York. The quality of the build is exemplary and the materials used throughout really help to set this Arkonik build apart from the competition.

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