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We’re all about making our workspace as streamlined and conducive to creativity as possible here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for great bits of design and furniture that helps keep the clutter away and the deskspace as clear as possible. One of the best we’ve seen (and we hope to get our hands on in 2020) is the fantastic looking Artifox Shelves which are a lesson in minimalist design and offer a stylish space for some of your workspace essentials.

We’re big fans of the furniture of Artifox here at The Coolector and they’re particularly adept at delivering pieces which make your workspace much more practical and stylish. The Artifox Shelves come in two different colours – namely, Black and White – and the price tag of $99 is an extremely decent one considering just how functional, stylish and versatile they are in their design.

Understated Elegance

It is the minimalist design aesthetic of the wares from Artifox which really appeals to us here at The Coolector and this is certainly something which is evident with their impeccably simple and stylish shelves. This great looking and functional piece of workspace furniture from Artifox will effortlessly add storage and functionality to any space and the quality materials used ensure it will be a mainstay of your workspace for years to come.

The Artifox Shelves ($99) have a clever, reversible design which allows you to create endless styling options depending on what you’re looking to store or showcase. You can easily pair these shelves with other Artifox products such as their PEGS, BANDS, BASKET 01 or BASKET 02 which will be great for helping to showcase your favourite items and accessories.

Boasting a strong and robust disposition, the Artifox Shelves are crafted from solid steel, which means that they can easily hold upwards of 25lbs. So stack books to your heart’s content – stacks on stacks on stack – and the shelves will not let you down. They will also help make sure that you never forget an idea again as they are writable. Jot a note, scribble a design or make a to-do list on the dry-erase or chalkboard finish.

Magnetic Design

These excellent looking Artifox Shelves have plenty of cool features which includes the fact they are magnetic which means that you can mix and match magnetic accessories from Artifox like PEGS, BANDS and BASKETS to create your perfect vertical storage set-up around your workspace and make sure your desk is always clutter free and ready to work.

Priced at $99, the Artifox Shelves certainly won’t break the bank and the will be a welcome addition to any understated, minimalist workspace in 2020. They are robust, stylish and functional in the extreme and we’ll definitely be looking to make them an addition to our own workspace sooner rather than later here at The Coolector.

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