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There’s no denying that Thailand is a veritable hotbed of amazing contemporary architecture and you can add the stunning Artisan House to their ever-growing list. Designed by Proud Design Architects, the Artisan House is located in the Chiang Mai region of the country and has some spectacular design features which really make it an incredible piece of architecture and it’s testament to the design talents of the team that was responsible for creating it.

The Artisan House from Proud Design Architects has an impressive 370m² of living space and it is all been carefully considered and implemented to make sure it works for the owners of this breathtaking residential property. The Artisan House was chiefly designed by Pooritat Kunurat and the focal point of the property is the courtyard which has been designed to connect the existing and new house.

Top Thai Design

It’s not hard to see why so much care and attention went into the design of the Artisan House because it is to be the residence of the lead designer on the project, Pooritat Kunurat. Whilst some of the architectural elements behind the design of the project are experimental, it’s clear to see that they’ve all worked wonderfully well and the end result is a beautiful property that offers an amazing amount of living space and the perfect place to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s streets.

The Artisan House from Proud Design was completed late last year and the architect behind its creation wanted to make sure that they incorporated local materials and craftsmanship with contemporary design and this is something they’ve done throughout the build. The property has two stories and and the dining and living room spaces are divided by a small courtyard. The swimming pool is in the middle of the plot and exhibits the use of green sukabhumi stone to reflect the landscape surrounding the house. 

The dining room of Artisan House is designed to connect to the existing house so that two generations of the family can gather together in this space, whereas the living room was design for new family members. The bedroom on the second floor is designed to be a kids’ room. By choosing the natural colour of local material, like Thai teak wood, the result is a harmony of interior feeling and a the sense of space.

Contemporary Meets Traditional

Throughout the build of the Artisan House, the designers have brilliantly intermingled old with new features to deliver the ultimate in contemporary homes with a touch of traditional Thai design. The Master bedroom is floating over the swimming pool and boasts a design based on retro Scandinavian furniture. 

There is an industrial feel to much of the Artisan House which really appeals to our design sensibilities here at The Coolector and the quality of the interior design aesthetic really is second to none. It has an abundance of great little touches throughout and the team at Proud Design have done an incredible job with this superb piece of modern architecture.

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