AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Matador Watches

We love watch brands that offer a great selection of watches that don’t break the bank but don’t come compromise on quality and that’s why we’re big fans of AVI-8 here at Coolector HQ. One of their latest series of watches – the Hawker Harrier Matador – is definitely one of their most innovative and eye-catching to date and, perhaps best of all, you can get one on your wrist for just £275.

The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Matador Watches (£275) is going to appeal to those with a love of aviation-style timepieces and the bold, vibrant nature of the design will ensure that your wrist stands out from the crowd in 2021. Available in seven different colourways, the Hawker Harrier Matador Watches will have something to suit all style tastes and we’re particularly partial to the Desert Brown iteration here at The Coolector.

Sky High Design

The Hawker Harrier “Jump Jet” was used by many air and naval air forces during the latter half of the 20th Century and was a feat of engineering. It represented a breakthrough in aviation design and went on to serve many missions with distinction. As a nod to this famed jet, AVI-8 have introduced the latest version of its Harrier chronograph family inspired by the planes that flew for the Spanish Navy, nicknamed the “Matador”. In full-timing operation, the Matador comes alive with a whirring of hands and wheels that deliver a pleasing dynamic experience not unlike that of a Harrier in full flight.

The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Matador Watches (£275) are, at first glance, a complex jigsaw of gears and wheels, which are precisely positioned on top of one another as an innovatively designed piece of aviation-inspired timing instrumentation. The sturdy case measures 44mm in diameter with a carved caseback that is designed to reflect the turbine blades of the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine inside the Harrier.

A hardened mineral convex lens with anti-reflective coating is deployed to showcase the mechanics that lie beneath and rest on the case bezel perfectly. Each element of the case has been carefully chosen and exhibits a thought to the use and wear of the timepiece. From the bevelled chamfered edge bezel to the crown guard and piston-like pushers, the case of the Matador from AVI-8 is complete as a suitable shell from which the watch may perform so admirably day in, day out.

Deliciously Detailed Dial

The dial itself is crowned with a “Grande Date” double aperture date display that delivers a bold visual impact for these grandiose timepieces from AVI-8. Each frame for each digit has been carefully bevelled and sits above an interlocking design of gears and wheels, giving a sneaky peek at the inner mechanics of the movement.

No detail has been left unconsidered with the Hawker Harrier Matador Watches and at just £275, they represent exceptional value for money. At the 3’oclock position, the re-engineered movement now boasts a disc display that is capable of delivering a remarkable 1/20 of a second split time measurement. With chronograph seconds and minute readout, the Matador is a comprehensive timing device that ticks all our boxes here at The Coolector.

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