Bandit9 ARTHÜR Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles that are a cut above the ordinary, it’s fair to see our first thought here at Coolector HQ is typically that of the Bandit9 workshop and this is the case because of extraordinary creations like the ARTHÜR Motorcycle which is one of the most striking steeds you’re ever likely to encounter. This breathtaking machine is the latest release from the Bandit9 workshop and it is built upon a Royal Enfield Continental GT frame to dramatic aesthetic effect.

With a purchase price of $19,800 which whilst not cheap, isn’t extortionately expensive, and with only nine being made, the Bandit9 ARTHÜR Motorcycle certainly won’t be hanging around on the shelves for long. This exceptional looking motorbike immediately catches the eye and Bandit9 found working with the Royal Enfield, a brand synonymous with the British Armed Forces, a touch daunting but they’ve delivered a machine beyond compare in both the visual and performance departments.

Royal Pedigree

Everything about the Bandit9 ARTHÜR Motorcycle appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure we’re not alone in loving this majestic looking machine. This out of this world creation aims to elevate the humble cafe racer to a level of regality and the process to do so took an entire year to complete as Bandit9 forged iron and steel into swooping arches and serpentine curves with each detail flowing to the next, with no beginning and no end. This delivers a ride quite unlike any other out there and if you’re wanting to really make your mark with your next motorcycle purchase, the ARTHÜR definitely won’t let you down.

With just nine available to purchase, the Bandit9 ARTHÜR Motorcycle has an air of exclusivity surrounding it that merely serves to add to its appeal still further. Commissioned by Royal Enfield, it takes the Continental GT to the extreme by evolving its corners into curves. The parametric twisting frame is a labyrinth of sculptural details and exposes its handmade complications destabilising the traditions of a cafe racer.

The Bandit9 ARTHÜR Motorcycle is a bespoke machine that has been fitted with quality steel parts which have been crafted entirely by hand, bearing a 535cc engine made by Royal Enfield, and is nothing less than a work of mechanical art. Each one of these magnificent looking motorcycles from Bandit9 is made-to-order and only nine pieces will ever be produced so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Impressive Motoring Performance

It’s not just aesthetically that the ARTHÜR Motorcycle excels, it also boasts an incredible performance out on the road to boot. Boasting a max power of 29.1 BHP @ 5100 RPM and a torque of 44 NM @ 4000 RPM, you’ll be amazed at the punchy performance that the ARTHÜR offers. It has a top speed of 150KM/H and every element of its design has been hand made from top to bottom for an unparalleled sense of quality throughout.

With a sub $20k price tag, it won’t break the bank but you’ll be getting a one-in-a-million motorbike with the Bandit9 ARTHÜR. Made to order to exacting standards, the calibre of this ride really is second to none and, visually speaking, you just won’t find another bike like this anywhere on the market. We love all the creations from Bandit9 here at Coolector HQ but this one is definitely our favourite to date.

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