Bexar Goods Co Fight Club Wallet

We debated whether to cover this one given that it is a one of a kind product that sold out seconds after it was put live on the Bexar Goods Co site but, given that Fight Club is our all-time favourite film here at Coolector HQ, this brilliant wallet is simply too good to be ignored in our opinion. If you loved the David Fincher directed, Fight Club, as much as we did then you’ll be cursing your luck that you’re not the proud owner of this wallet as much as we are.

The Bexar Goods Co Fight Club Wallet has the iconic image of Tyler Durden imprinted onto its exterior and has the shocking pink colourway that is synonymous with the film’s soap. If you’re a fan of this seminal movie this very much deserved to be a part of your EDC line up but, alas, it doesn’t look like the guys at Bexar will be releasing this Fight Club wallet again and like Durden himself, it looks to have disappeared into the ether never to be seen again.

The First Rule of Fight Club…

Fight Club is such an iconic piece of cinema in our opinion here at The Coolector and we’re always on the look out for items that celebrate its awesomeness. This Bexar Goods Co Fight Club Wallet is one of the best pieces we’ve seen pertaining to the chaps at the Paper Street Soap Company and it’s one of the most visually vibrant wallets you’re likely to encounter that’s for sure.

The Bexar Goods Co Fight Club Wallet is a Vertical Card Wallet which is the ideal compromise between the classic bifold style and a simple card wallet. It boasts a unique and supremely functional design that can comfortably fit in either the front or back pocket and with the added bonus of the Fight Club design element, this is certainly one of the best-looking wallets we’ve seen in some time.

The layout of the four card pockets allow for cards to be effortlessly spotted, and the two stash pockets are ideally suited for storing cash. The Vertical Card Wallet is saddle stitched by hand, which is a process of joining each leather piece together with a robust poly cord thread. The saddle stitch technique has been used for centuries by expert leather workers, and has a distinct durability advantage when compared to the lock stitch technique used by machine stitching.

Minimise Your EDC

There is an understated look and feel to this wallet (barring the bold colourway) that will effortlessly fit into your line up of accessories. If you are looking to slim down your wallet size, the Vertical Card Wallet from Bexar Goods Co is a great starting point and will streamline your pocket profile considerably.

Whilst we’re disappointed that we won’t get the opportunity to own this top notch Fight Club Wallet from Bexar Goods Co, we can still appreciate its quality and fantastic aesthetic impact. Tyler Durden remains our favourite movie character and Fight Club are best-loved movie so we’re definitely going to keep our fingers crossed that Bexar decide to release this wallet again and give us another chance to own it.

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