Bexar Leather Apple Watch Strap

We’re yet to get our hands on an Apple Watch here at Coolector HQ but this might be because we still have reservations about the aesthetic appeal of the Californian colossus’ first foray into wrist watches and that is why we had our heads thoroughly turned by the Bexar Leather Apple Watch Strap which massively ramps up the visual appeal of the device in our opinion.

Though, functionally, there is nothing wrong with the existing strap on the Apple Watch, most men will want a little more style and sophistication to their wristwatch and this is something that isn’t overly evident in the current incarnation of straps from Apple and indicates why the Bexar Leather Strap for the Apple Watch has already seen much interest.

Crafted from four ounces of American bridle leather, it offers an understated appeal that makes the technologically advanced Apple Watch look a good deal more retro in style and that appeals to us a lot here at Coolector HQ. Check out a few more shots of the Bexar Leather Apple Watch Strap below:




Available in tan and medium brown colourways, there is an understated appeal to this Bexar strap that really does add a whole new dimension to the Apple Watch that will definitely tick the right boxes of plenty of chaps who have been sitting on the fence with regard to this device in the past.

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on an Apple Watch but were a little reluctant aesthetically speaking then you’ve really got no excuse now courtesy of the talented craftsmen over at Bexar Leather Goods Co.

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