Blank William New Order Black

Star Wars is a constant consideration of ours here at Coolector HQ and we dare say it will be until we’ve had our fill this December but in the meantime we fill out time looking for great bits and pieces relating to the franchise and this brings us onto this cracking series of artwork from Blank William called New Order Black which utilises the helmet of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters, the Stormtrooper.

Supremely striking and animal in design, the New Order Black statues from Blank William are going to be right up the street of anyone with a love of Star Wars and unusual, unique pieces of artwork. New York based designer, Blank William, clearly has a love of Star Wars as well and this spiffing piece clearly exemplifies this. Take a look at a few more shots of the pieces making up this collection:











With the likes of rhinos and elephants being imbued onto the Stormtrooper masks, it gives an insight into what an animal version of Star Wars would look like if nothing else and we’re massive fans of this brilliant collection of Star Wars art here at Coolector HQ.

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