Boosted REV Scooter

There are certain names that stand out from the crowd so far as electric skateboards are concerned and Boosted are chief amongst them so when they threw their name into the electric scooter hat, we inevitably sat up and took notice here at Coolector HQ. The excellent looking Boosted REV Scooter has the sort of stylish aesthetic we’ve come to expect from the brand and, we’re pleased to report, backs up the visual superiority with a compelling performance to boot.

The Boosted REV Scooter has a pretty punchy price tag of $1800 but you’re getting a lot of great features for your money and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accomplished steed on the market than this one for all your urban adventuring and commutes. The REV Scooter has an impressive range of up to 22 miles on a single charge and a top speed of some 24MPH which means you’ll be getting to your destination in no time.

Urban Adventurer

Needless to say the Boosted REV Scooter is best suited to tackling urban landscapes, which it does so with aplomb, but you’ll be impressed by its highly versatile performance every time you take it for a spin. It is a true blend of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and robustness that you don’t see in many other machines on the market. Boosted have custom-built and manufactured every component, which includes their proprietary powertrain technology to provide the unbeatable performance and quality riders expect.

There is a real attention to detail through every aspect of Boosted REV Scooter ($1800), which puts simplicity-of-use at the forefront of every design decision. The stand out feature is the intuitive Throttle Wheel which allows for one-handed acceleration and braking with a mere rolling of your thumb. The distinctive frame geometry, ergonomic handlebars, and wide, custom-designed tires ensures that the Boosted REV Scooter is remarkably stable so you feel confident and safe no matter adventures lie on the road ahead.

It has a dual-motor drive that serves the purpose of propelling you uphill and also guarantees you secure electric braking performance on the way back down. The Boosted REV Scooter boasts a no-wobble, no-hassle, vehicle-grade performance that’s too good to share but don’t expect there be any shortage of people asking for a go on it. It has three different ride modes that will help you to maximise its range performance and the wide, stable platform ensures a safe ride every time you hop aboard.

Advanced Performance

The Boosted REV Scooter has the most advanced throttle system found on an electric vehicle of this type. After making 40+ prototypes, Boosted reached perfectly predictable acceleration and braking. With the roll of a thumb, you’re in total control of this stunning steed and it is a joy to ride. The handlebars take their design inspiration from the performance mountain bikes and provide both control and stability.

For anyone looking for the ultimate mode of transportation around an urban landscape, the Boosted REV Scooter might not come cheap at $1800 but the 22 mile range and 24MPH top speed are mighty impressive to say the least and go a long way towards justifying the outlay. Great design and performance combine to make this a must have for anyone with a love of electric vehicle and urban adventuring.

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