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To be perfectly honest, we’ve probably eaten more burgers and BBQ food than would seem healthy around Coolector HQ this summer but we’re unrepentant and fully intend on scoffing more burgers, hot dogs et al until the sun shines for the final time in a few weeks time and, for that reason, we’re still on full alert for any awesome accessories that could enhance our barbecuing – which leads us rather nicely onto these rather spiffing looking Brooklyn Butcher Blocks.

If you’re going to be cooking steaks and burgers aplenty then you should certainly be preparing them the right way and in style. That 10 year old, plastic chopping board just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore – you need something considerably more brutish and hard-wearing. Put simply, you need one of these Brooklyn Butch Blocks.

They are the handiwork of New York native, Nils Wessell, who is a craftsman with a penchant for creating eye-catching wooden wares, chief amongst them are his excellent looking Brooklyn Butcher Blocks which are resilient beasts indeed and boast a range of different options when it comes to the wood used and their thickness. Check out a few more shots of these excellent kitchen accessories below:

End_Grain_Walnut_resized_1024x1024 End_Grain_Cherry_2_resized_1024x1024 Brickwork_Board_resized_1024x1024


As you can patently see, these Brooklyn Butcher Blocks are a cut above in the aesthetic department and they are designed to last a lifetime. They are also designed in such a way to minimise the wear and tear on your knives and to reduce scarring on the board itself. Clever stuff and the perfect addition to Coolector HQ (if we cooked here, which we don’t).

If you’re after a resilient, painfully stylish and wonderfully crafted chopping block for your home and want one that has been lovingly put together by an artisan, then one of the many offerings from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks will be a great place to start.

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