BRRREWER Coffee System

If, like us at The Coolector, you’ve got somewhat of a preoccupation with coffee and brewing it in the right way, you’ll spend a lot of your time in search of accessories and devices that help you do exactly that. Well, say hello to the BRRREWER from Essense which is funding over on Kickstarter right now and will revolutionise the way you make your coffee each day (not to mention plenty of other drinks as well).

The BRRREWER on Kickstarter is a cold drip coffee system which boasts a fresh design perspective and a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and sustainability which makes it ideally suited to the eco-conscious coffee aficionado. This excellent device will deliver a great cold brew and an unbeatable experience with effortless simplicity and sustainability. Through a sheer sophisticated, understated design and a state-of-the-art microfiltration membrane system, BRRREWER provides a unique brewing experience, each and every time you fire it up.

Coffee Done Right

Boasting a sleek, Italian design the BRRREWER on Kickstarter can be yours for as little as €49 during the crowdfunding campaign and this is a small price to pay for any coffee lover who wants their brew done right. It is extremely simple to clean and use and the BRRREWER will make a perfect cup each time you want one. Coffee has very ancient roots, and so do its brewing methods. It is usually extracted with hot water, but cold brewing techniques have become more popular.

This means that coffee can be extracted with cold water, a process in which the longer brewing time plays a crucial role and delivers a less acidic, smoother tasting coffee. Cold water brewing might not be something that a lot of coffee fans are familiar with but the BRRREWER Coffee System makes the whole process so straightforward that you’ll wonder why you’ve not been doing it before. Using a micro filtration membrane system, it achieves the perfect extraction thanks to two removable and identical membranes.

They perform a separation process known as microfiltration as one of the two membranes sits at the bottom of the coffee basket and the other is to be placed on top of ground coffee. This technique makes sure the coffee you craft has well-defined notes as well as a uniform brew free from any solid sediments. Coffee like this will change the way you view this beverage and you’ll be making batches for all your friends in no time at all.

Unbeatable Benefits

Making cold brew coffee with the BRRREWER has so many tangible benefits over the technique known as full immersion. Making coffee with the BRRREWER can be done in as little as four hours, provides a uniform and clear texture which is balanced and tastes naturally sweet. The end result has a high clarity of flavours and you’ll be blown away by the quality of the coffee you’re capable of produce with this elegant device.

The coffee you get with BRRREWER is very much versatile. For instance, the resulting coffee can be enjoyed cold as it is, or on the rocks. You can have a hot cup as well, by adding hot water while preserving the benefits of cold brew. In addition, all possibilities are open to experiment with milk or even with creative cocktail recipes. If you want to make coffee that is a cut above in 2019, head on over to Kickstarter now and get your hands on one of these superb BRRREWER Coffee Systems.

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