Casa Cova

Moving to a region with a tropical climate is something that definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector which puts Mexico pretty close to the top of our bucket list – particularly when there are houses as extraordinary as Casa Cova to be appreciated. Designed by anonimous, this stunning piece of modern design really is a sight to behold and serves as the ultimate entertaining and relaxing space for the lucky owners.

Casa Cova from anonimous is found in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, and it is arranged on a 100m long by 35m wide plot of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Oaxacan mountain range. The house is a mere 70m from the coast and boasts out of this world views all around the perimeter. Luxurious and spacious, this is certainly the sort of home we’d like to end up at here at Coolector HQ.

Marvellous Mexican Design

Designed as a two-family vacation home, which entailed the creation of two different compounds of private rooms that are interconnected through shared recreational spaces. The home consists of two main parts: a vast central common area and two parallel arms positioned on the side of the lot and is home to the private suites.

The large-scale central volume of Casa Cova marks the entrance point to the home, which has two main side entrances that pass through a lattice-wall, which are important because they are designed to ventilate the common spaces and deliver a dynamic light pattern from dusk to dawn to make for a great space to relax and unwind.

A clever use of parallel concrete walls encloses the the private rooms of the house. Each of these sections is home to three pavilions. Each master suite has its own framed view of the Pacific horizon. The pavilions are joined by a series of interlocking open courtyards that provide the main views and entry points of the rooms. All the private rooms and the main central volume of Casa Cova share the view and access in the centre to a swimming pool which has been designed as a set of alternating levels, and contains shaded recreational areas that look out to the Pacific.

Fitting in with the Surroundings

The house was designed to work with its natural setting, and makes use of locally sourced dried palm leaves for walls and ceilings, “parota” wood for joinery, and a green breath from the low-maintenance regional vegetation chosen for landscaping to help to keep low-cost maintenance and dignify the ageing process of the property.

For Casa Cova the use of organic materials and concrete is also related to the fact that the house was made using regional craftsmanship and techniques, just as the interior decorations and the local art exhibited in the project. With unparalleled views and luxurious fixtures and fittings throughout, Casa Cova is one of the finest pieces of contemporary architecture we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ.

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