Casa Rancho Avándaro

It seems that we’re featuring more and more architecture from Mexico on the pages of The Coolector of late and that is testament to the quality of the design studios in the country right now. The latest addition to this list is the stunning Casa Rancho Avándaro from Chain + Siman. Located in Valle de Bravo, this expansive home has been designed to fit in with the surrounding natural landscape.

Casa Rancho Avándaro from Chain + Siman consists of three structures each one boasting a gabled roof and stone walls that found the perfect balance between rustic and contemporary design. The middle volume acts as a public space with the living room and dining room, with adjoining wings where you’ll find the kitchen and main bedroom which includes a mezzanine level studio.

Old Meets New

There is an annex building to Casa Rancho Avándaro which includes guest bedrooms that provide visitors with a touch of privacy when staying at the weekend retreat. The main part of the home is clad in glass on either side which serves the purpose of making the room appear even bigger than it actually is.

High wood panelled ceilings and exposed stone walls add an extra dimension of comfort and coziness to this magnificent looking Mexican home. The interior materials found in Casa Rancho Avándaro from Chain + Siman consist of poured concrete, black ironwork and an array of wood finishes, which have been perfectly paired with neutral furnishings for a relaxed aesthetic.

The kitchen gets its own gable roof with an whole wall made of windows to make the most of the eye-catching views which surround this beautiful home. With such an attention to detail with the interiors, it’s hard not to be won over by the striking nature of this weekend retreat and everything about it is geared towards offering the utmost in rest and relaxation.

Magical Mexican Architecture

There is no shortage of contemporary architecture to be wowed by but Casa Rancho Avándaro from Chain + Siman is right up there with the best of them in our opinion here at The Coolector. Extraordinary both inside and out, the architects have done an amazing job in ensuring it fits in effortlessly with its surroundings – which is no mean feat for a building of this magnitude.

Luxurious, exceptionally well designed and boasting an impeccable line up of materials, Casa Rancho Avándaro is a real triple threat and the latest addition to the line up of Mexican architecture to have left us with our jaws on the floor here at The Coolector.

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