As movie lovers here at Coolector HQ, we are incessantly on the lookout for cool and eye-catching nods to some of the Silver Screen’s most iconic moments and we’ve just been treated to an excellent, albeit short, example of this through an awesome animation and illustration project from Pier Paolo that goes by the name of Cinematics and which you can enjoy above.

This spiffing little animated short boasts some great illustrations of some of the movies many icons from Freddy Krueger to Indiana Jones and plenty inbetween and we here at The Coolector are big fans of cool animation projects such as this and when it is coupled with many of our favourite movies, our interest levels understandably go through the roof.

Pier Paolo is a designer and animator who heralds from South Brazil and his great Cinematics project is just his latest in a long line of superb projects in which he has been involved. If you’re a fan of movies, animation, illustration and design, all these tastes are catered to within Cinematics and whilst we wish the video was a little longer and included a few more cinematic icons, we’re definitely impressed with Paolo’s awesome video nonetheless and we’re sure you will be too.

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