Circa Smart Alarm

There are few feelings more hideous than being jolted awake each morning by an unsympathetic alarm clock that cares not for the quality of your slumber. If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you highly value your sleep and demand technology that is on board with your sleeping patterns, this Circa Smart Alarm which is funding on Kickstarter now might just be the ideal piece of technology for your early morning wake up calls.

The Circa Smart Alarm is billed as a far superior alternative to waking you up in the morning than your smartphone and it will help you get a better night’s sleep as a result. This clever bit of kit is a wonderfully conceived and designed, standalone alarm clock which will help you enhance your nightly sleeping routines. It will help do away with night after night of interrupted sleep caused by using your phone and let you fall asleep and wake up intelligently at the right time every morning.

The Smarter Way To Wake Up

With over 60% relying on their smartphone to wake them up in the morning, the Circa Smart Alarm aims to buck this trend and stop people being sucked into their smartphone timelines before they’ve even properly begun the day. This stand-alone device has been crafted to help you sleep better by ensuring that you’re not as distracted by your smartphone. It also offers a sleep sensor and this sensor is nestled under your mattress and lets the Circa Smart Alarm assess your sleep patterns and determine in what sleep-stage you are in meaning it can wake you upon the most intelligent and non-invasive means possible.

The Circa Smart Alarm doesn’t aim to be a jack of all trades and master of none and focuses solely on one thing – making sure that you get a better night of sleep. Normal alarm clocks will wake you up on a fixed time, regardless of the situation but this isn’t how Circa does things. In a timeframe of 30 minutes before your alarm is due to go off, the Circa Smart Alarm will find the best time to wake you up when you are only lightly sleeping. As a result, you’ll wake up much more quickly and feel more refreshed for the rest of the day.

Helping you to fall asleep in the evening courtesy of elements such as soothing sounds and white noise, the Circa Smart Alarm is a godsend for anyone addicted to their smartphone who wants to get a much better night’s sleep. It boasts a carefully designed audio system which makes your music and alarms sound rich and clear and lets you wake up with pitch perfect alarm sounds, nature sound or, if you’d prefer, to your favourite songs or playlists.

Staying Connected

The internet of things means that more and more homes today are becoming connected and the Circa Smart Alarm seamlessly fits into this via Triggi which lets you connect Circa to your connected lights to gradually light up your room in the morning so you’re not shocked by bright lights or change your thermostat temperature to start making your home more comfortable and inviting to get out of bed based on your waking time.

If you’re looking for a device that is going to dramatically improve your quality of sleep, the Circa Smart Alarm will definitely deliver what you’re looking for and you’ve still got plenty of time to bag yours for a bargain price over on Kickstarter. Cleverly designed and boasting an innovative performance, we’ll be looking to get our hands on one here at The Coolector.

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