Cocktail Kits To Go

Though we’re definitely more partial to a craft beer than an Old Fashioned around these here parts, there’s definitely something to be said for enjoying such tipples from time to time and if you want to be making them in style, you need to get your mitts on some of these devilishly designed and wonderfully retro Cocktail Kits To Go.

Designed with some considerable aplomb by Cody Petts, these excellent looking little kits are ideally suited to those who travel in style and want to make cocktails on the go – whether this be on a plane, train or any other place where it’s socially acceptable to enjoy a cocktail or two.

Supremely well designed and expertly mingling traditional and modern to startling effect, these great kits are making us want to make a cocktail as we speak even though it’s not even lunchtime at the time of writing. Though there are only two kits available at present – one for an Old Fashioned and one for a classic Daiquiri – we’re hoping that the add plenty more to their collection in the future. Check out a few more shots below:








If you’re the Don Draper sort who wants to make their mark with their cocktail making then these superb looking, impeccably branded and genuinely impressive Cocktail To Go Kits should be carried on your person whenever you think the mood for an Old Fashioned will strike. Great little accessory and perfect gift fare with the Christmas period approaching.

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