Cool & Vintage Nardo Grey Land Rover D90

Custom built cars are something that always leave us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ but it’s definitely the case that some do it better than others and there aren’t many out there more proficient at producing awesomeness than the workshop of Cool & Vintage and this is admirably illustrated by this spectacularly cool Nardo Grey Land Rover D90.

Cool & Vintage are based in Montijo in Portugal and consistently find themselves working on custom builds, particularly with Land Rovers because these are the perfect canvas for producing the sort of contraptions built for their passion – namely, surfing and adventure. The Cool & Vintage Nardo Grey Land Rover D90 is definitely one of the coolest looking machines we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ and looks like the ideal car for any summer road trips you’ve got planned.

Motoring Magnificence

There aren’t many workshops out there right now with more motoring nous than Cool & Vintage and this superb brand also has a number of apparel and lifestyle accessories that we’re loving as well but it’s the Nardo Grey Land Rover D90 that has left us most impressed. This cracking contraption has been painstakingly restored with a striking black-and-grey color scheme that delivers the sort of amazing aesthetic which Cool & Vintage have become synonymous with.

The Cool & Vintage Nardo Grey Land Rover D90 is built upon a 2002 model and over time, the supremely talented team of designers and engineers in the Portugese workshop have carefully crafted it into the ultimate adventure vehicle for those with a love of the great outdoors and road trips. This smashing steed has been treated to some pretty tasty upgrades to make it more comfortable and stylish than the norm and we’re loving these little design flourishes here at The Coolector.

With a real hand-made quality to the finish and some really stand out design and mechanical choices, the Nardo Grey Land Rover D90 from Cool & Vintage really does make its mark from a visual point of view and it doesn’t disappoint in the performance department either. It has a top notch black hood, stunning upholstery not to mention the complete set of brand new BF Goodrich Mud tyres on heavy duty wheels which will make sure you overcome any terrains that you encounter on your adventures.

Ride in Style

Land Rovers are definitely amongst our favourite machines here at Coolector HQ and no quite makes them sing in the same why as Cool & Vintage and their superb custom builds never cease to amaze us with such an impressive attention to detail and dedication to crafting exceptional contraptions – of which the Land Rover D90 in Nardo Grey might just be one of their best yet.

For those of you with a love of adventure and, indeed, top notch customised vehicles, Cool & Vintage are certainly a brand that should be on your radar. The spectacular Nardo Grey Land Rover D90 is a fine example of their considerable capabilities and they’re currently taking commissions for new builds in 2017 so if you’ve got something in mind, you should definitely hit them up.

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