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From a versatility and functionality perspective, the backpack is probably the most essential carry in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we spend so long in search of the best purveyors of this type of accessory. Well, we’ve found another fine proponent in the shape of UK brand, Cora + Spink, who specialised in making the finest waxed backpacks many of which are vegan approved for those with an environmental and ethical conscience.

Cora + Spink are the brainchild of Tim Johnson who, back in 2014, was looking at ways to make not only a really good bag – but a range of products that would be good and do good. It was on this simple premise that the brand was born and they’ve gone from strength to strength over the last five years built upon the excellent quality of their wares. They create a great array of backpacks and carries and some which are 100% vegan and they work alongside a whole host of sustainable suppliers in order to create their stylish and versatile accessories that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

Journey of Discovery

The superb line up of backpacks, bags and accessories from Cora + Spink have been designed with the urban nomad in mind. They are crafted for active individuals who seek more than the sum total, take pride in knowing where your bags come from and look forward to the adventures you’ll enjoy together. Finding a quality backpack that meets and exceeds your daily requirements whilst looking the part aesthetically is no mean feat but you’ll find plenty of options that do just that on the digital shelves of Cora + Spink.

Regardless of the style of backpack you’re after, chances are that Cora + Spink will have something that more than fits the bill. Whether it’s their excellent looking Ruxtin Backpack (£85) which is new and improved for 2019 and includes a new handloom lining that expertly compliments the tweaked exterior style of this effortlessly cool carry. It’s tough to enhance and improve what was already a great backpack but the straps are now better fitting and more comfortable so it will be the bag you reach for everyday.

Another first class carry from Cora + Spink is their Vegan Poly Backpack (£65) which are 100% vegan and should be seen as a go everywhere backpack, crafted to house your laptop and much more besides in the abundant amount of storage space within. It boasts a handloom Khadi lining, inside laptop pocket and is made from waxed cotton canvas which gives this backpack and robust, no-nonsense performance fit for any adventure.

For The Adventurous

Built for adventure and in the right way, there is an awful lot to appreciate with the awesome backpacks from Cora + Spink. Made with the best materials and to exacting standards, there is an abundant quality both from a performance perspective and an aesthetic point of view. They are an ethical partner of “The Khadi Board Of West Bengal” which supports cooperative working in the Villages of West Bengal through education and business guidance, to ensure safety, health, fair wages, and non-exploitation so you can feel good about buying one of these brilliant backpacks.

Affordably priced and visually superior, the quality of the Cora + Spink backpack really is second to none and for anyone looking for a new adventure ally this summer, look no further. Plenty to choose from and with some being 100% vegan, these exemplary backpacks are available in a wide array of colours and styles, there’s certainly no shortage of options to pick from and we’ve already seen plenty that we’ll be looking to get our hands on here at The Coolector.

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