Back in the day, side-scrolling platform games with the stock in trade for most gaming platforms but they gradually got usurped by first person perspective games for the most part. But, in the humble opinion of us here at Coolector HQ, side-scrolling platformers were amongst some of the best games out there so you can understand our unmitigated delight when we stumbled across a video for a game by the name of CounterSpy which was recently unveiled on PS4 at the E3 event and, as you can patently see from the video above, it looks all manner of awesome.

Boasting a 1950s and 60s aesthetic, CounterSpy is set during Cold War era Russia and focuses on a spy agency by the name of C.O.U.N.T.E.R that keeps the world’s super villains at bay. As you can see from the video above, it’s your typical side-scrolling fare until you reach for cover behind an object and then it switches to the third person view. We love the look of this game here at Coolector HQ and any game prepared to take things back to basics whilst still clearly utilising the immense power of today’s gaming consoles is OK in our book and we’ve not seen many do it better than CounterSpy.

The game is set for release later this summer and if you’ve had a hankering for a more basic platforming game for your PS4 that makes you reminiscent for the likes of Prince of Persia et al then we think that you’ll soon have a rather epic looking game called Counterspy to fill that void.

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