Dango Wallets Customisations

Most men today are pretty serious about their EDC line up and will pay great attention to getting it exactly how they want it. Needless to say, one’s wallet is typically the cornerstone around which your everyday carry collection is built and that’s why we’re such big fans of brands like Dango here at Coolector HQ. They offer not just one of the coolest line ups of wallets and other EDC on the market but also provide plenty of customisation offerings for your wallets as well.

Dango are a brand that are regularly on our radar here at The Coolector and for good reason when you consider the impeccable calibre of their wares. Their first class series of wallets are some of the most uncompromising and robust anywhere out there and if you’re after a wallet built for adventure, Dango should be one of your first ports of call. The fact they offer various little accessories to completely customise your wallet exactly how you want it is the mere icing on the cake.

Replacements and Additions When Required

Despite the impressive ruggedness of the wallets from Dango, it goes without saying that no accessory will last forever, particularly one that you use day in, day out like your wallet. That’s why Dango offer a selection of replacement parts for their wallets such as leather pockets, bifold leather replacements and wallet bands that are designed to be there when your tried and trusted Dango starts to show its age from years of consistent usage.

Dango have such a great selection of wallets from which to choose that it might be tempting to just purchase a new one from their line up but, if you’re anything like us at Coolector HQ, you’ll probably become quite attached to your EDC and want to breathe new life into it with new replacement parts rather than replace it completely. These top notch customisation replacement parts from Dango allow you to do exactly that and keep the old girl running that bit longer.

Wallets are a staple of every man’s day to day routine and Dango have definitely got some of the best in the business. It’s not every brand that would offer you to the parts that you need to replace and repair your wallet, instead forcing you down the route of purchasing a new one, but Dango are cut from a different cloth and know the importance of delivering first class products and customer service.

Wonderful Wallets

Your choice of wallet typically reflects and man’s mindset and style characteristics and those from Dango are designed for the adventurous at heart. That’s why they are likely to encounter more rough and tumble than the norm and the need for the replacement parts becomes more apparent and it’s great that you can head to Dango whenever you need a new wallet band or piece of bifold leather.

Wallets of this calibre don’t come around every day and you’ll see for yourself the tangible quality that they possess the minute you lay your hands on a Dango wallet for the first time. If that’s something that is well and truly in the rear view mirror for you and your Dango has seen better days then you’ll be pleased to hear that they have some great replacement parts ready and waiting.

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