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It’s fair to say that our artwork tastes here at Coolector HQ are fairly quirky in nature and we typically gravitate away from the conventional and favour those pieces with a bit of the unusual to them. That’s why we fell for the amazing artwork of Dave Pollot years ago and we’re pleased to report he’s still peddling awesomeness in the shape of his brilliant pieces of art that typically hijack old paintings and give them a pop culture orientated new aesthetic.

Dave Pollot is a New York based artist who is renowned for his altered thrift art paintings which boast all sort of compelling pop culture references.  He discovers abandoned artwork from all over such as thrift shops and adds his own distinctive touch – usually pop culture parodies – and in doing so, bridges the divide between classic and pop art. His top notch art has been displayed and found homes in galleries, businesses, and private collections in all 50 states in the USA and in over 40 countries around the globe.

Creative Process

There is clearly a lot of creativity that goes into the artistic creations of Dave Pollot and his creative process typically starts inside thrift shops where I find abandoned and forgotten pieces of art.  He then uses oil paints to alter these pieces and blend his additions (which are usually elements of pop culture), thereby transforming these pieces into new works of art with new meaning. We’re loving the fact that everything from Star Wars to Deadpool comes under Pollet’s purview and if you love quirky pieces of artwork, look no further.

Dave Pollot’s eye-catching artwork is certainly the sort of thing that we’d have hanging around Coolector HQ and if you like your own workspace to be similarly quirky, you’ll pleased to hear there are plenty of pieces to choose from in Pollet’s online store. His work is the confluence of time periods, zeitgeists, styles, and intentions.  By combining distinct components of pop culture from one generation into the abandoned artwork of another, the lines are blurred and forgotten art is given a new lease of life and Pollot’s artwork is so engaging on a visual level.

With such a distinctive visual vibe to the artwork of Dave Pollot, you’ll fall immediately for his amazing pieces and this is particularly the case if you’ve a love of film and television. The likes of Star Wars, Futurama, The Simpons and Halloween feature prominently in his fantastic creations and we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trawling through them all here at Coolector HQ because there are so many that we want hanging above our workspace.

Originality and Style

It’s the sheer originality and clever use of the original artwork that really makes the pieces from Dave Pollot stand out from the crowd and for any homeowner looking to add a touch of vibrancy and quirkiness to their artwork collection, these amazing creations would be amongst our first pick at The Coolector.

With prices to suit every budget, there is an awful lot to appreciate with the work of Dave Pollot and the pop culture overtones of these creations makes them appeal to our sensibilities considerably. With all manner of our favourite TV and movies falling under Pollot’s microscope, we can’t wait to see what other pop culture icons come in for the Pollot treatment.

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