Deus Ex Machina Goof Bike

When it comes to brands that are synonymous with the world of motorcycling, it’s hard to look past Deus Ex Machina who, on top of being when of our favourite apparel brands, also create some of the coolest looking two-wheeled steeds out there and they’ve tapped into their playful side with the ace looking Goof Bike which heralds from the Australian Deus Ex Machina workshop and has a mighty impactful aesthetic impact.

The Deus Ex Machina Goof Bike from their Australian workshop has a visual look quite unlike anything we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and if you like to turn heads with your choice of transport, this will certainly achieve that objective. This first class steed from the legendary brand came to be after they hired an alternative artist to design a bike so you shouldn’t be surprised if they create a fun-sized surf sled that gets you from A to B – As long as A and B are interchangeably your home and favourite beach.

Ride in Style

By collaborating directly with alternative artist Paul McNeil and Deus Ex Machina’s main mechanic, Jeremy “Frenchie” Tagand, who worked together in order to create a bike that’s old school, not-so-simple and just plain goofy. The Goof Bike doesn’t fit into the crowd, and doesn’t want to and for those who are shepherds and not sheep, it is the perfect choice of transport and we’re big fans of its quirky visuals here at The Coolector.

The Deus Ex Machina Goof Bike boasts a free flowing exhaust alongside a seat which is fit for a mayor and makes for a smooth and comfortable ride every time you climb into the saddle but don’t expect it not to offer a boisterous performance. It has Ape-hangers that’ll give your arms a workout and a custom surf rack which outclasses any umbrella in a storm have been fitted in order to compliment Paul’s artistic touch.

It goes without saying that no alternative piece of motorcycle design would be complete without a touch of rebellion being thrown into the mix and that’s certainly in evidence with the Deus Ex Machina Goof Bike. This otherwise stock Suzuki RV90 has been completely stripped of what some would deem essential, making this off-kilter “Goof Bike” as unique as the artist behind its creation. It has no mirrors, no indicators, no worries – just the ultimate in fun rides.

Colourful Creation

Whilst we typically gravitate towards stealthy looking steeds so far as motorcycles are concerned, there’s always room for a little colour in your life and that is something the at the Deus Ex Machina Goof Bike delivers in spade. It is made for fun, care-free days razzing around backroads or to the beach and for those with a carefree, adventure loving look on life will definitely appreciate the design of this fantastic contraption.

Deus Ex Machina have created some of our favourite motorbikes here at Coolector HQ and you can certainly add this uber-cool looking Goof Bike to the list. It might be built upon a humble Suzuki RV90 bike but it has an awful lot about it and plenty of attention to design detail which make it impossible to ignore.

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