Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorbike

The word prolific is probably best used to describe Deus Ex Machina and their capacity to produce amazing new motorbikes on such a regular basis and, it’s fair to say, their latest offering, the jaw-dropping Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorbike, is definitely one of our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ and for any fans of understated, vintage style steeds, this one will be right up your street too.

The Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorbike is Michael Woolaway’s latest artistic masterpiece and it is an incredibly classy 1978 Triumph T140 which will be getting the royal treatment it deserves as such a stunning steed and will be a centerpiece inside its new residence near San Diego, California. Another fine example of the brilliant customisation work of Deus Ex Machina, this motorbike is just about as stylish as it gets.

Exceptional Elegance

A distinctly sophisticated looking machine, the Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorbike has a motor that is a ported and polished 750cc T140 that ensures the impeccable performance of this glorious looking machine. You’ll also find Megacycle cams and lightened lifters, bevelled and drilled cam gears, chromoly push rods alongside 7mm Kibblewhite hardened valves with contemporary guides and seals which is responsible for the eye-ecatching aesthetic you see before you.

The Deus Ex Machine TTT Motorbike boasts handmade intake runners which are suitable for allowing big gulps from two 34mm Mikuni flat-slide carburetors with velocity stacks and you’ll be amazed with the truly out of the world performance and visual impact of this extraordinary looking steed. Another stand out feature of this spectacular bike is the frame which is one of only two which have been made by hand by C&J specifically for this creation and it has a wishbone section at the lower part of the oil-in-frame backbone to accommodate for a central monoshock and get rid of the requirement for an external oil tank – giving this bike a real minimalist, understated aesthetic that we’re loving at Coolector HQ.

Taking its design inspiration from the Japanese Grand Prix racers of the 60’s with a super cool paint job consisting of a black candy over black base coat which delivers an attractive and effortlessly cool bike with a striking wet mirror finish. We’re huge fans of the customisation work of Deus Ex Machina here at The Coolector and this more pared back offering with just a few eye-catching design features is just the some of minimalist steed we’d love to ride.

Stunning Specifications 

Everywhere you look with the design and finish of the Deus Ex Machina TTT Motorbike, there are impressive features that will make it such a pleasure to ride. This includes the handmade aluminum tank and seat cowl, a robust carbon fibre front fender, Bridgestone BT45 tires, a luxurious Saddlemen seat and the Triumph T140 750cc engine. A stunning machine that Deus Customs have really excelled themselves with.

For anyone with a love of custom bikes and eye-catching, vintage style design this TTT Motorbike from Deus Ex Machina is surely going to resonate. Brilliantly crafted from the finest components out there, this sensational steed is one in a million and just makes us love this bike workshop and lifestyle brand all the more here at Coolector HQ.

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