District MFG Shuffleboard

Now, being British, we’re not going to pretend that we fully understand the nature, rules and purpose of the game of shuffleboard but what we do understand is a dedication to great craftsmanship and design and that is evident in spades with this fantastically put together District MFG Shuffleboard – of which the timelapse video above does a rather spiffing job of showcasing the craftsmanship that has gone into its creation.

District MFG are a Los Angeles based design studio who have crafted some really excellent pieces of woodwork and our favourite here at Coolector headquarters is undoubtedly their shuffleboard offering. The most pleasing aspect of District MFG’s design is the fact that they use reclaimed materials and returning them to their once former glories through the creation of genuine awesomeness such as their shuffleboard.

Said shuffleboard is crafted from reclaimed oak in District MFG’s downtown Los Angeles workshop and the wood used in the creation of this exceptional shuffleboard has been sourced from old barns and other structures which, otherwise, would have been to rack and ruin. If you’re a shuffleboard fan or, indeed, you just like filling your house with superb pieces of design, then this District MFG Shuffleboard will definitely fit the bill.



As you can see, it’s a mightily sturdy and striking piece of design and one that we here at Coolector HQ are already saving our pennies for and once we’ve boned up on shuffleboard and what it actually entails, you can rest assured we’ll be trying to get our hands on one.

Price: $4,500+

Available: District MFG 

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