Needless to say, those working in the creative industries that involve illustration and design are going to need certain pieces of equipment to make their working lives easier and their workspace area more efficient. The excellent looking DraftTable might just be one of those pieces and for those with a love of creative design, it’s going to help make your creation process a whole lot easier.

The DraftTable is a product from tech accessories brand, ElevationLab, and is designed specifically for use with the iPad Pro – a tool which many in the creative industries are using extensively when it comes to design, illustration and other creative pursuits. This fantastic bit of kit has been carefully designed to be rock solid at all positions – so it simply does not move when you draw on it and will make sure your work remains error free.

Creative Catalyst

You may well have noticed that existing iPad stands are designed for smaller iPads but when these stands are used with the bigger, more weighty iPad Pro, they provide flimsy support, a lack adjustment capabilities and, frankly can be annoying to use. The design team at ElevationLab wanted to create something akin to a traditional drafters table – something sturdy, solid and comfortable to use all day – and that’s when they came up with DraftTable.

The cleverly designed DraftTable from ElevationLab is billed as the first adjustable stand which has been specifically made for working on iPad Pro. This superb looking piece of design has wide angle adjustment which enables you to put the iPad Pro in the best possible position depending on the sort of work that you’re carrying out. Though designed to deal with the Pro, the DraftStand works with any size of iPad from the minuscule Mini up to the much larger, 12.9″ Pro.

Carefully engineered to make sure that angle changes are easy to execute without interrupting your workflow, the DraftTable is likely to be any creative industry worker’s new closest ally. It’s stability alone is something to be applauded and you’ll be amazed at how steadfast it remains when working on it and regardless of the angle of elevation you’ve got it set at. The high-res, low latency iPad Pro + Pencil, when combined with DraftTable and the app AstroPad, will open up a new world of input for your Mac. DraftTable has the same wide angle range as a Cintiq and this will appeal to creative workers the world over.

An Artist’s Tool

Anything that makes the creative processes easier is going to be welcomed with open arms by designers, artists and illustrators and the DraftTable does exactly that. The product comes with an ArmRest which will let you draw all-day without your arm getting sore and lets you keep your palm away from the glass to make sure it stays clean. This ArmRest works like a fulcrum with your arm and the edge of your desk – making your hand nearly weightless and the creative process much less gruelling.

Extremely affordable at just $69.95, the DraftTable is surely somewhat of a no-brainer for anyone who spends hours each day drawing, designing or illustrating at their desk and it will make this whole process much more streamlined and less painful for your hand and arm. A clever piece of design that will really stand out for anyone working in the creative fields right now.

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