EarthCruiser Terranova

If you’re thinking of making a roadtrip this summer and found yourself in the hunt for the perfect vehicle for the job, you can call off the search because we’ve just found it with the EarthCruiser Terranova. Boasting everything you need for camping on the go, the Terranova has a camper chassis which is mounted to the vehicle chassis with EarthCruisers proprietary kinetic mount system and with the same no lock or latch foam insulated raising-roof found on their over-cab EarthCruisers.

Made to run with precision and reliability over any terrain you can throw at it, we’re loving the EarthCruiser Terranova here at Coolector HQ. Every single bolt, plate, and component in an EarthCruiser is picked specifically in service of a seamless adventure on and off-road. No detail has been left overlooked, so you can adventure with confidence and in some considerable comfort and style.

Hit The Road

Just like EarthCruiser, Terranova’s triple-layer curtain includes eight windows that deliver an eye-catching 360-degree panoramic view, and include insect, privacy screens and clear vinyl protective layers that are perfect wherever your road trip adventures take you. Designed to perform in the world’s most uncompromising climates Terranova’s foam core fibreglass construction ensures unbeatable protection against the elements, keeping the heat in, or out, all four seasons.

With an impressive amount of freedom to customise various options of the EarthCruiser Terranova such as the suspension, and tire choice, and more, it offers the flexibility and customisability of an easily serviceable domestic chassis. The aesthetic is based upon the design principles of Terranova on EarthCruiser, the most capable overland vehicle available.

With prices starting at $289,000, the Terranova from EarthCruiser definitely doesn’t come cheap but so far as camping and roadtripping are concerned, they don’t come any better. It offers expanded living quarters with the bed above the cab roof as an alternative to the convertible dinette-bed combination offered in the EarthCruiser EXD and the premium one-piece countertop with stainless steel sink, induction cooktop and Isotherm stainless steel refrigerator and freezer is perfect for cooking up a storm on the road.

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