Ellusionist Roadhouse Playing Cards

Though, truth be told, we can’t hear the word “roadhouse” now and not think of Peter Griffin here at Coolector HQ but we’ve managed to overcome that Pavlov’s Dog-esque response in order to fully appreciated these awesome looking Roadhouse Playing Cards from the guys at Ellusionist.

The Ellusionist Roadhouse Playing Cards are, perhaps lamentably for some, not pertaining to Patrick Swayze vehicle of the same name but rather a brilliantly illustrated and wonderfully well crafted set of playing cards that will add a touch of class to any poker night or Blackjack session. If you like your playing cards to have a retro, vintage vibe, you’re in luck with these Roadhouse Playing Cards from Ellusionist as they’re about as old school as it gets.

Road Trip Wonder

Taking their design inspiration from Jack Kerouac style road trips where the adventure is the journey and just being on the road, these expertly designed and decidedly eye-catching Roadhouse Playing Cards from Ellusionist are right up our wanderlust loving street here at Coolector HQ. This cracking deck swings to the rhythm of 50’s underground America which is one of the coolest eras in the country’s history for sure where jazz, booze, sex, and generosity where at their pomp.

The Ellusionist Roadhouse Playing Cards are evocative in their design and the unmistakable aroma of spilled beer, cigarette smoke and corruption will occupy the mind whenever you get these cards out for a game of poker and we’re loving the superb illustrations and typography which is on show throughout the deck. The soft finish of these cards sees them effortlessly glide over green felt so they are perfectly suited to those who take their card games seriously.

50s America was an incredible time when you look back upon it and it’s this era of freedom and adventure which these Roadhouse Playing Cards from Ellusionist aim to celebrate. If this is a time in American history that you have a particular fondness for, these super cool playing cards should be your next deck of choice and they won’t let you down from a design or performance point of view.

Striking Design

These are certainly not your average playing cards and you can see that an impressive attention to detail and no shortage of illustrative excellence has gone into the creation of the Roadhouse Deck from Ellusionist. Stylish and boasting an unparalleled level of old school cool, there’s nothing not to like about this spiffing looking offering and we’re big fans of the vintage aesthetic here at The Coolector.

When it comes to playing cards, few do it better than the guys at Ellusionist and this is something they’ve illustrated wonderfully well with this Roadhouse Deck. A tangible sense of quality coupled with some of the coolest designs you’ll encounter with a set of playing cards, this has just moved right up there with our favourite looking decks – now if we can just get Peter Griffins “Roadhouse” out of our heads.

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