Ellusionist Tinker Playing Cards

One of the main beauties of playing cards today comes from just how many different designs there are to choose from and one of the best in the business in delivering some of the most striking decks on the market is that of Ellusionist. The latest set to have caught our eye from this pedlar of magic tricks and accessories is the fantastically retro looking Tinker Playing Cards which have been designed by Joshua Ray.

The Ellusionist Tinker Playing Cards from Joshua Ray have the sort of design aesthetic that will immediately catch the eye and will add a whole new visual impact to any card trick or game of poker or blackjack you’ve got planned. With a price tag of just $10, these playing cards certainly don’t break the bank but will be your go to deck whenever you’ve got friends round looking to play a few hands of cards.

Delicious Design

Joshua Ray is a California native who worked with Ellusionist’s designer Oban to capture his personality in this brilliant new Tinker Deck of playing cards. Joshua performs mostly close-up card magic, mixed with a little parlour and stage and he endeavoured to infuse his magic persona into the aesthetic of these first class playing cards. As a modern-day renaissance man, Joshua’s loves include guitar, singing, songwriting, woodworking, gardening, juggling, writing, computer coding, knitting and of course, magic and the playing cards he’s help to design are amongst our favourites from Ellusionist here at Coolector HQ.

The Ellusionist Tinker Playing Cards ($10) boast a real weathered look and appear as though they could have been cherry picked straight out of the 40s or 50s. If you like your playing cards to have something about them and not just be a run of the mill deck, Ellusionist would always be one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ and that’s because of awesome decks like these Tinker playing cards.

There is a robotic element to the design which was always going to resonate with our sensibilities at The Coolector given our love of vintage / retro creations and if you’re of a similar mindset, these cards will be right up your street too. They will be a real talking point during any game night when poker or blackjack is afoot and, as with all the cards from Ellusionists, they are made using the best materials and printing techniques.

Inventive & Creative

Everything about these playing cards screams creativity and invention and each of the different suits boasts its own unique style from a design perspective. We love just how creative Ellusionist are when it comes to conjuring up new decks and these Tinker Playing Cards are certainly right up their with their finest creations.

If you’re after a new, visually superior deck of playing cards this spring and summer, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better than the Tinker Deck from Ellusionist. Priced at just $10, you’ll be getting a first class set of playing cards for an unbeatable price.

Leo Davie