F-550 Full Custom Camper

Fall is camping season in our book here at Coolector HQ and for those seeking the ultimate in road trip companions for journeys into the wilderness, look no further than this, frankly stunning, F-550 Full Custom Camper. This stunning steed has been custom built for adventures into the wild and we’re loving its stealthy aesthetic which will look great meandering through woodland backroads.

The F-550 Full Custom Camper is truly one-of-a-kind vehicle that will turn heads everywhere you go. It boasts a custom, pop-up, flatbed-mounted cabin which could well be your new off-grid home if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it. The main pop-up roof delivers an impressive 6’10” of standing room when it’s extended and with the pop-top stowed, the vehicle measures less than 10 feet tall.

Adventure Ready

The man behind this spectacular off-roader started his journey with the goal of creating a smaller, more capable, and higher performing EarthRoamer. They’d been in one before and liked many aspects of it, but they felt like it was much too big for true off-grid exploration so they made some clever alterations for this one which make it much more adventure ready than similarly styled vehicles.

The F-550 Full Custom Camper is a sight to behold and a principal design objective for the build was reliability and comfort. They designed all of the major systems to run off of solar with backups for each and this truck has 1,300 watts of solar power. Heating and cooling is achieved via a rebuilt-for-off-road-use mini split air conditioner which draws around 350 watts, with an Espar gas furnace as a backup.

Cooking and hot water are achieved with two induction cooktops, an electric BBQ (the latter two are in a pull-out so they can be used outdoors), and a duel fuel water heater. The truck has a vast lithium battery array: 800 ah of Victrons and an auxiliary alternator and voltage regulator which lets the truck’s engine perform as a generator. The current owners have never had to turn on the alternator between the batteries and the solar, and they can heat and cool nearly indefinitely in most places.

Comfortable for Whole Family

Exceptionally comfortable for the whole family with an (nigh-on) king-sized bed, a convertible dinette (a kid-sized bed), and there is still room for the owner’s dogs. Their favourite feature of this superb build is the articulating front wall and though the price tag of $225k is somewhat prohibitive, it certainly looks worth the money in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Adventure ready as they come and with all manner of awesome features both inside and out, it’s hard not to be impressed F-550 Full Custom Camper. If you’ve got deep pockets and a hankering for adventure, look no further.

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