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Quirkiness is a trait that we typically admire in furniture here at Coolector HQ and that is one of the principe reasons that we keep find ourselves gravitating back to UK based workshop Fallen Furniture and their incredible selection of designs made from upcycled wares. The latest piece to have caught our eye is the magnificent looking Fallen Furniture Exit Table which will be right up the street of any aviation enthusiast out there.

The coffee table is a staple of any interior design effort but it can be an area where people don’t dare to be different and opt for something that bit out of the ordinary. Well, it’s fair to say, if it’s a Fallen Furniture Exit Table that you’re resting your feet on, no such criticism could be levelled at you as this is genuinely one of the most unique and unusual pieces of furniture that you’re likely to encounter in 2017.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

It’s not easy to make use of industrial materials and turn them into highly functional pieces of furniture, particularly if the materials in question have been sourced from aeroplanes, but that’s exactly what the guys at Fallen Furniture routinely do and never better than with their aesthetically superior Exit Table.

The Exit Table from Fallen Furniture is crafted from the escape hatch of an Airbus 320 and the aluminium exterior has been polished to a mirror-finish for a visual impact that is quite beyond compare and which provides support to the robust and strengthened glass top.

With a frame and legs that been impressively handcrafted from solid, sustainable black American walnut, you’ll be blown away by the stunning curves of the Exit Table that remain true to the original engineering of the escape hatch in the Airbus 320. A thoroughly impressive piece of engineering and furniture design and one that will unquestionably draw the eye within any interior design endeavour.

Aviation Admiration

It is clear to see that the world of aviation features heavily in the vast majority of the designs from Fallen Furniture and they do an incredible job of combining striking aesthetics with first class functionality and the Exit Table is no exception to this. Understated from above and vibrant from below (with a bold, yellow underbelly chassis), it’s easy to see why interior design enthusiasts fawn over the products from this exceptional purveyor of upcycled furniture.

For a piece of furniture that is going to turn heads aplenty and add a real talking point to your interior design efforts, you really need look no further than the Exit Table from Fallen Furniture. Expertly repurposing an escape hatch from an Airbus 320 and making it a versatile piece of designer furniture is something that will never cease to be impressive to us here at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store for 2017.

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