Fern-Fahrraeder Chuck Touring Bike

Whilst we seldom sit on a bike long enough for it to be considered a “tour”, we know there are plenty of others out there who take their biking mighty seriously and will need a steed that is capable of keeping pace with all the outdoor adventures they plan to take it on. Put simply, they need one of these awesome looking Fern-Fahrraeder Chuck Touring Bikes which boasts the sort of rugged aesthetic you’d expect from a bike of this nature and more functionality than you can shake a stick at.

Fern-Fahrraeder are a small, Berlin based touring bike workshop and the Chuck Bike is a fine example of their immeasurable capabilities in this arena. For any cyclist seeking out a versatile and highly accomplished machine for hitting the road, this Chuck Touring Bike from Fern-Fahrraeder is sure to fit the bill. Robust, well crafted and built for adventure, it’s one of the coolest looking contraptions we’ve seen in a while at Coolector HQ.

Tour Ready Machine

Touring bikes are invariably a cut above the competition in terms of their capabilities and the craftsmanship that has gone into their creation and that’s certainly something which could be said of this Fern-Fahrraeder Touring Bike. Created by a duo of cycling enthusiasts who have spent thousands of hours on the road and know what it takes to deliver a bike that is up to the task of constant use, this first class steed has been purpose built with fellow cycling aficionados in mind.

The Fern-Fahrraeder Chuck Touring Bike is made of tough stuff and regardless of the sort of adventure you’ve got in mind for it, it’s not going to let you down. This eye-catching steed has been made in conjunction with Gramm Tourpacking (a purveyor of cool looking bikepacking gear – hence all the carry add ons you see before you). Designed with terrains such as hard desert crossings in mind, the elegant looking ride is a hybrid between a long-distance cycling bike and a more rough and ready mountain bike.

Boasting a performance which is unparalleled on almost any terrain, it’s easy to see why the cycling community are embracing this excellent looking machine from German workshop, Fern-Fahrraeder. It is available with extremely lightweight 26 inch wheels and each one of these striking bikes is made to order and customised with a variety of components and accessories which fit the customer’s requirements based on the terrains they’re going to be tackling.

Open Road Awaits

There can be few feelings quite as rewarding as climbing about the saddle and heading out in search of adventure but, truth be told, to maximise the enjoyment, it’s important that you’ve got a machine that is up to the task – something which the Chuck Touring Bike unquestionably is.

Exceptional build quality combines with functionality and performance that is off the charts. The Fern-Fahrraeder Chuck Touring Bike is one of those contraptions that you know excels in every department the minute you lay eyes on it. Perfect for those with a real love of adventure biking, this is a fine example of German precision and craftsmanship rolled into one.

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