Ferrari Enzo Concept

We’ve been watching Mad Max extensively since it was released recently here at Coolector HQ and this made us think that, in such a stark environment where having a top notch vehicle appears a necessity, we’d definitely falter given our complete lack of automotive and DIY skills but that doesn’t mean that we can’t postulate which machine we’d like to be behind the wheel of in such circumstances and it is almost certainly this Ferrari Enzo Concept by Jordanian industrial designer, Khaled Alkayed.

Though it patently isn’t a machine that is in tangible existence, it is unquestionably one suited to the rigours of Scorched Earth (well, perhaps not given the desert terrains, thinking about it) and in a pinch looks like it would get you out of danger in multiple different ways. Take a look at a few more shots of this madcap concept below:




A great example of what can be achieved using tools like Photoshop, this Ferrari Enzo Concept has definitely left us impressed here at The Coolector and means we’ve now got our apocalypse vehicle sorted.

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