Ficks Vitamin & Electrolyte Infused Cocktail Mixers

Whilst it’s fair to say we’ll definitely be quaffing more craft beers than cocktails this Christmas here at Coolector HQ, that doesn’t mean to say we’re not partial to the odd Moscow Mule et al and that’s why this excellent Kickstarter project of Ficks Vitamin & Electrolyte Infused Cocktail Mix has thoroughly caught our eye.


Ficks Vitamin & Electrolyte Infused Cocktail Mixers are, as the name suggests, a series of cocktail mixers that are rich in vitamins and electrolytes whilst also being delicious so you’ll get the win / win scenario we all crave when imbibing those cocktails. With branding that really is on point, these cocktail mixers are definitely going to appeal to those of a Great Gatsby mindset.

Colourful Cocktails

In this great collection of cocktail mixers from San Francisco based Ficks, you’ll find the requisite options to make some of the most iconic, and mouthwatering, cocktails out there including the aforementioned Moscow Mule, Margaritas and Lemon Drops. For anyone serious about making their own cocktails at home, this first class campaign on Kickstarter will serve as the perfect catalyst for doing it.



This premium line of cocktail mixers from Ficks is is a line of all natural, vitamin and electrolyte infused mixers that makes it really straightforward to whip up a batch of your favourite cocktail at home and all you need to do is add the requisite measure of your best loved spirit. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


Ficks mixers are a mere 35 calories and 10g of sugar per 3oz serving and this makes them more or less the healthiest, all natural cocktail mixer out there. You’d be well within your rights to think this probably impacts on the taste of the finished cocktail but not so – they are just as delicious and quaffable as more sugar heavy offerings and they’ve left us mighty impressed at Coolector HQ.

Brilliant Branding 

As with a lot of things we feature on the pages of The Coolector, it is branding that immediately catches our eye and so it has proven once again in the case of these gloriously well designed mixers from Ficks. We’re loving the bright, typography inspired aesthetics of the bottles and they don’t rely on just a visual impact, they deliver where it matters too – in the taste department.


If 2017 is a year where you want to really get into your cocktail making, you’ll need to have the right supplies at your disposal and for some of the staple cocktails out there, you’ll not find a better solution than these Ficks Vitamin & Electrolyte Infused Cocktail Mixers. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to pick up a set or two for a bargain price, there is still time to head over to Kickstarter and get your hands on some.

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