FIM Off-Road Caravans

If off-road adventures and camping trips are featuring high on your to-do lists for 2019, then you’re probably going to want to sit up and take notice of these rather excellent looking FIM Off-Road Caravans which are purpose built for adventuring into the more uncompromising terrains out there and for spending nights under the stars. Robust as they come and aesthetically superior, these mini-caravans from Romanian based brand, FIM, have well and truly caught our eye here at The Coolector.

The quality of the FIM Off-Road Caravans is plain to see right from the get-go and if you’re after a strong, exceptionally well made solution for hitting the road in 2019, look no further than this. These supremely well designed and crafted units are right up the street of any lover of the great outdoors and wilderness adventures and they are available in a few different styles with different features to match your camping and off-roading requirements.

Find Your Adventure

There are few things that can match the thrill of hitting the open road in search of adventure and if you’ve got something like one of these FIM Off-Road Caravans in tow, it’s all the more rewarding and enjoyable. They boast an interior sleeping area for two people and a kitchen area for cooking and washing up dishes which is ideally suited to a camping cookout. There is a front luggage compartment for taking all your travel and camping essentials and a roof rack which delivers extra storage and space for a tent as well.


When you get inside the FIM Off-Road Caravans, you’ll seen that they come equipped with plenty of neat little features which will make your wilderness adventures all the more effortless. This includes LED interior and exterior lighting, GEL Electrolyte Technology Battery Up offering up to 100 Ah power, USB charging sockets, fresh water tank on board supply and a diesel heating system, all of which combine to make camping out in the wilds a much more streamlined process.

Regardless of the time of year that you’re hitting the road, you’ll be able to find a FIM Caravan that suits your requirements. Whether it’s extreme cold weather or warming summer sunshine that will be your backdrop, these wonderfully robust units will be able to ensure your trip is a comfortable one. With a price tag of around €16k, they’re not cheap of course but you get a lot of first class features for your money here and for any regular adventurer, they will more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Everything You Need

The beauty of these FIM Off-Road Caravans comes from the fact that they’ll have everything that you’ll need in order to maintain yourself for a few days or weeks out in the great outdoors. They are made of tough stuff and they won’t let you down regardless of the terrain and it’s easier to see why these campers have already begun to make quite a name for themselves across Europe because they look great and perform even better.

Those with a passion for adventure and hitting the wilderness trails will positively be in their element with these first rate FIM Off-Road Caravans. Romanian brand, FIM, clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting the finest in off-road and camping creations and though the €16k price tag is far from entry level, you’re getting a high end unit with some of the finest features on the market.

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