Fluance New Reference High Fidelity Turntables

Vinyl is well and truly back in style and if you know an audiophile in the market for a new machine, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more accomplished and stylish looking than the New Reference High Fidelity Turntables from the team at Fluance. Available in a number of different styles, these exemplary looking, and performing, turntables from Fluance are both stylish and impeccably crafted and will do justice to any vinyl lover’s collection.

The Fluance New Reference High Fidelity Turntables are a real sight to behold for the audiophiles out there and Fluance are widely known for being engineers of serious performance, vinyl lover-approved home audio, music systems and high-fidelity turntables, and this New Reference range might just be their masterpiece. Offering audio enthusiasts a pure, unbeatable analog experience that immerses the listener right in the heart of the recording, it’s hard not to be impressed with what is on offer here.

Famous Four

There are four different versions of the New Reference Turntables from Fluance to choose from – namely, the RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85 – and each one is a wonderful example of how best to listen to your vinyl collection. They have been meticulously designed following the strictest standards to reproduce audio recordings precisely as the musician intended them to be heard and the aesthetic appeal of the units really is beyond compare.

One of the chief reasons that these Fluance New Reference Turntables deliver such a compelling performance is as a result of their use of Ortofon Cartridges which are known for providing exceptional musical accuracy. Each one of the turntables has an Ortofon cartridge that feature elliptical diamond styli that will elegantly trace the grooves of a record’s surface, and deliver precise and accurate playback. The RT82 includes the Ortofon Super OM 10 cartridge; the RT83 and RT84 include the Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge; and the RT85 includes the Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge.

The precision playback of all the New Reference Turntables from Fluance is something that helps set them apart from the competition. They have a servo-controlled belt drive motor which has a speed regulating optical sensor that will measure and adjusts variances in linear velocity and acceleration within a few hundredths of a percent at a wow and flutter of 0.07. The decoupling of the drive from the plinth helps prevent motor vibrations and noise from reaching the stylus, which results in accurate speed so records sound perfect at every play.

Stylish Aesthetics

It’s not just the performance of these turntables that is to be applauded, so too is their impeccable visuals. They have a striking multi-layered wood chassis which does a great job of inhibiting the transfer of unwanted resonance through the system. The 3 rubber spike-type, height-adjustable isolation feet reduce surface contact under the turntables, resulting in increased immunity to environmental vibrations and allowing for greater low-frequency signal pickup and improved imaging.

Excellently priced, the New Reference turntables from Fluance come in at RT82 ($299), RT83 ($349), RT84 ($449), and RT85 ($499), and they are available now in black and walnut from the digital shelves of Fluance. For lovers of vinyl and great design, these superb turntables are going to tick all of the right boxes and if you’re after the very best in gifts for an audiophile this Christmas, look no further.

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