Frontier Plus Portable Stove

Spending time in the great outdoors is fantastic and deeply enriching but, let’s face it, it can get mightily cold at times and occasionally difficult to cook up a storm on your chosen camping spot and that’s where the accessories you take with you come into play – and, truth be told, we’ve seen few we’d want to take into the wild with us more than the Frontier Plus Portable Stove.

This cracking piece of apparatus that is taking Kickstarter by storm has got all the credentials of an essential piece of camping equipment and it is little wonder that so many aficionados of the great outdoors have already thrown their support behind it.

For anyone who has ever tried to cook on a tiny camping stove will testify, it is, of course, possible but it is often fiddly and something like the Frontier Portable Stove will make it that much easier and more streamlined and allow you to really concentrate on having a great camping experience. This lightweight, folding stove really is the next generation of camping equipment and you can check out a few pics below to see why we love it:







Camping is great fun regardless of the accessories that you have to work with but, let’s face it, it’s even better when you’ve got highly functional, versatile and cool ones at your disposal and the Frontier Plus Portable Stove unquestionably fits into each of the above categories. If you’re heading camping any time soon and want to ramp up your cooking skills and warmth levels up a notch, you need to be throwing your support behind this ace project over on Kickstarter.

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