Gaze Tray

Finding a spot for all your EDC is something that all people need and if you like to keep your workspace neat and ordered then the Gaze Tray, which is funding over on Indiegogo now, is one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. This great looking accessory offers a mighty versatile performance and it is billed as the first wireless charger that fits elegantly into your space and charges all your devices at once.

The Gaze Tray on Indiegogo is available for the bargain price of just $59 (50% off the RRP) during the crowdfunding campaign and it is the first desktop storage tray which will wirelessly charges all your Apple devices all at once. It comes in nine elegant colour/finish combinations to blend effortlessly into your well-designed life and if you’ve been looking for the perfect means of keeping all your Apple tech juiced, look no further.

Power Perfection

Brilliantly designed and crafted, the Gaze Tray is the world’s first multi-device wireless charger which has been incorporated into a stylish storage tray that will fit in the aesthetic with any workspace out there. With three lustrous finishes and multiple colour ways to pick from, it looks the part sitting on your desk and will always be ready and waiting when you have some tech that needs charging. You’ll stay powered up and connected with simultaneous charging of up to five separate devices.

The Gaze Tray has flown past its funding target over on Indiegogo and it’s not difficult to see why when you see how versatile and functional it is for those with an abundant amount of Apple tech that needs charging day in, day out. Each tray comes with a Smartphone Charging Platform, Apple Watch Charger, AirPod Charger, 2 USB Ports, Free AirPod Charging Case and the storage tray for all your EDC such as keys and wallets.

With the wire-free nature of the design, the Gaze Tray will ensure that your workspace doesn’t become cluttered and courtesy of an intuitive lighting system, you’ll now at a glance whether your devices are charging properly or not. Each of the three wireless charging zones has its own LED indicator, colour-coded to let you know if your watch needs to be repositioned or your AirPods are finished charging.

Apple Inspired Design

Carefully designed to be suitable for all Apple products, the Gaze Tray was made especially with Apple devices in mind. The Apple Watch and AirPod wireless chargers have contours sized to perfectly cradle each one. They even supply a free AirPod charging case, for your 1st generation AirPods so, no matter what you’re looking to charge, the Gaze Tray will more than fit the bill and will add a touch of class to your workspace whilst doing it.

Designed to offer the perfect amount of storage for both your EDC and your tech, and you can keep any accessories organised in a 264 cm² storage tray, alongside your regularly used tech devices. Ideally suited for keeping your sunglasses, car key, wallet and more and, perhaps best of all, the Gaze Tray is smaller than a sheet of paper, which means it is highly portable and easy to take with you on the go.

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