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For any winter sports aficionados (or those who just like to have warm hands), there’s a new Kickstarter campaign that you need to sit up and take notice of in the shape of these Give’r Frontier Mittens which are billed as the warmest, 100% waterproof, all-leather mitten on the market. Thoroughly tested in some mighty inhospitable environments, you’ll be hard pressed to find a pair of gloves that offer the same sort of protect and warmth as the Give’r Frontier Mittens and, to top things off, they’ve got an awesome vintage style aesthetic to boot.

The Give’r Frontier Mittens on Kickstarter have prices starting at $80 during the campaign which is down from the intended retail price of $118 so move now if you want to bag yourself a bargain. Described as the warmest and toughest mittens that you’ll ever need, these top class winter accessories are crafted from premium cowhide, with a superior insulation system, and a 100% waterproof membrane and when they say waterproof, they mean it – no water is getting in these gloves.

Capable In All Environments 

It is plain to see that a lot of care and attention has gone into the design and crafting of the Give’r Frontier Mittens and they are made to be suitable for keeping your hands warm in even the harshest of winter environments and they can also be hand-waxed for increased leather longevity and weatherproofing. The premium grade A (which is the best quality possible) cow leather is an essential component in the Frontier Mittens and it is responsible for giving them an incredible functional temperature range to tackle whatever terrains and temperatures you find yourself up against this winter.

The Give’r Frontier Mittens on Kickstarter (from $80) are made by experts who have considerable experience in cold weather environments. Old-weather hand accessories is what Give’r do best and how they built their name. Operating straight out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming — so they know a thing or two about the cold – these mittens are built for anything and won’t let you down in a pinch. Give’r know that Cold hands, and even the fear of cold hands, is universally understood to be a negative experience and this fear often holds us back. We shy away from possibility and opportunity that exist in our own individual frontiers, outside of our comfort zones but with these gloves on your hands, these fears will go out the window.

Give’r choose to create mittens rather than gloves as they are scientifically proven to deliver a better warming experience for your hands. As the spaces between your fingers aren’t exposed to the cold as they would with gloves,  the Frontier Mittens drastically decrease the amount of heat dissipated out from your body. The minimised external surface area decreases your body’s exposure to cold and, therefore, retains more warmth in your fingers and hands. This means the inside of the mitten works a bit like a furnace as your fingers and hands circulate heat to each other while the mittens keep it all in, letting your body retain its optimal functional temperature with less effort.

Thoroughly Tested

Give’r tested the Frontier Mittens in the most extreme conditions so you don’t have to but you know that they’ll come out on top if you do find yourself in these environments. They’ve given their seal of approval for temperatures ranging from -40°F to 400°F. So no matter the situation, these amazing mittens have got your back. They have come face to palm with snow, rain, wind, hail, dirt, frost, mud, sleet, ice, fire and also a fair amount of time under the sun. They’ve handled granite, steel, concrete and rebar and have come out strong and unbroken.

Available for just $80 during the Kickstarter campaign, before going up to $118 afterwards, you’ve still got a few days to get a pair of these excellent Give’r Frontier Mittens for an unbeatable price. If you regularly work in cold, harsh environments and need a pair of mittens that can keep pace with your adventures, these will definitely fit the bill. Head on over to Kickstarter now to secure your pair.

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