Grovemade iPhone X Minimalist Tough Case

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have seen some news about the recently announced iPhone X and, if you’re intending to get your hands on one, chances are you’ve already begun thinking about which accessories to get for it. Well, your case concerns can be put to bed as these awesome looking Grovemade iPhone X Minimalist Tough Cases are going to score well on both the aesthetic and performance front and would be our pick here at Coolector HQ.

Grovemade made their name in phone cases (having branched out, if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, into other wooden products of late) and this latest offering for Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date certainly look the part and will add a visual impact to your new device. The Grovemade iPhone X Minimalist Tough Case is a fresh offering to the protective phone case market which is predominantly filled with rugged and tactical looking designs.

No Shocks In Store

If, like most people with an iPhone, you’ve experienced a damaged screen during your ownership, the Grovemade iPhone X Minimalist Tough Case might just be the accessory you’ve been waiting for. It fuses shock-proof protection with premium natural materials and streamlined aesthetics to deliver the sort of case that will expertly compliment the undoubted sleek visuals of the new iPhone from Apple.

With the intention of delivering a sleek aesthetic that combines with a rugged protective force to your iPhone X, this cracking case from Grovemade is made from the finest quality materials. The cases are available in black and silver colourways and you can choose whether to have a bumper style with no back, domestic wood backplate or vegetable-tanned leather backing. The incredibly robust and durable frame of the Grovemade iPhone X Minimalist Tough Case is machined from a single block of solid aluminum for maximum durability and then enveloped in a seamless molded elastomer band for enhanced shock resistance capabilities.

Each case from the series from Grovemade is entirely made in the USA and the quality is perceptible to the touch. It puts protected your iPhone X (which, considering the £1000 price tag, will likely be important to you) as its chief objective and these eye-catching cases don’t need to look like a tank in order to protect your phone like one – with the understated, elegant design belying just how robust and strong these cases are.

Carefully Considered Quality

The quality of products from Grovemade is always second to none – and they’ve been crafted wares of this nature since back in 2009, so you know they know what they’re doing – and these excellent looking cases are some of their finest looking and most durable accessories to date. You’re going to want the added peace of mind that your iPhone X is protected from drops, bumps and scrapes and these first rate cases from Grovemade do exactly that.

For those of you first in line for the iPhone X, getting a top quality case to keep it protected is a must and we’ve seen few better candidates for this position than the super cool looking and incredibly robust Minimalist Tough Cases from the guys at Coolector HQ favourites, Grovemade. Quality USA made wares.

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