Hard Graft Chestnut Valet Pack

We write about a lot of backpacks and duffels here on the pages of The Coolector but sometimes you don’t need all that storage and just want something for all your EDC essentials.

If that sounds like you, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this Hard Graft Chestnut Valet Pack which is perfectly suited to such endeavours. This cracking accessory from one of our favourite lifestyle brands is about as classy as they come and will provide just the right amount of storage for all your small items.

The Hard Graft Chestnut Valet Pack has a price tag of £240 but it is of some quite considerable quality so it will be money well spent in the long run especially if you’ve been searching for the perfect EDC accessory. This Valet Pack is to be made as a small batch product in limited quantities so you’ll need to move quick to secure one of your own and for those who want to carry their wares in style, it is a summer essential.

Dare To Be Different

Hard Graft have long been on the cutting edge of the accessories industry and they’re always striving to deliver the best looking, impeccably crafted wares to their customers. The Chestnut Valet Pack is their latest release to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and it boasts a compelling design and high end materials which combine together to make it one of the brand’s most impressive releases to date.

The Hard Graft Chestnut Valet Pack (£240) might need a moment or two of your time in order to get your head around it due to the unusual nature of its design. It’s clever and ingenious without being over-technical and that’s something that we can get onboard with. In some ways everything just falls into place, with a few hand gestures and a couple of cleverly positioned magnets to make this an extremely user friendly and aesthetically pleasing means of porting around all your everyday carry essentials.

There is a reason that Hard Graft have called this eye-catching accessory the Valet Pack. It’s because you pack the sling bag up and it conveniently holds your car keys and other everyday carry items when you head out for work in the morning or for fun in the evening. In addition, it is simple to fold it open and let it wait calmly by your front door, holding everything you need to take with you when you are ready to leave the house such as keys, phone and wallet.

Excellent Performance

Needless to say, we all want functionality from the accessories that we choose and the Hard Graft Chestnut Valet Pack definitely doesn’t disappoint. You can strap the Valet Pack across your body whilst on the move or zip open its belly and use it as a valet tray near the front door and it is this sort of versatile performance that leaves us wanting one here at The Coolector.

Though it has a price tag of £240 which seems a touch high for a carry of this nature, the quality on offer is without question and, as always, Hard Graft have chosen the finest materials on the market for this Valet Pack. It can hold your phone, wallet, keys, passport and much more. Everything is accessible and in the open in tray format and completely closed off when you are out and about. Just a concealed top zip close to your body gives you access to your belongings. It measures in square format: ca. 17 x 20cm (6” x 8”) and comes with a removable shoulder strap for a more versatile performance.

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