Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase

We’ve been following the impressive wares of Hard Graft for years now here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we’ve been waiting for them to make their move into the world of luggage and now that they have we can see that it was worth the wait. The wonderfully luxurious and versatile Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase has turned our head and it will turn heads aplenty as you make your way through the airport in 2019.

The Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase really is one of the coolest looking and most functional suitcases that you’re likely to encounter and though it most definitely doesn’t come cheap (with a price tag of £1024) it is a piece of luggage that you’ll likely us for the rest of your travelling days such is the robust nature of its construction and its unparalleled visual appeal. If you buy one piece of luggage in 2019, it should probably be this.

Luxury Travel

If you’re the sort of individual that likes to travel in some considerable style then the Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase is sure to be ticking all your style boxes. This fantastic piece of luggage from Hard Graft is made in limited runs and won’t be around on shelves for long if you have liked what you’ve seen and want to make it your next travel essential. This brilliant looking suitcase takes things back to a simply time of travelling and if you’ve grown weary of all the so-called “smart” luggage out there, this is the one for you.

The Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase (£1024) has all the hallmarks of a classic piece of luggage that will follow you around the world on all your overseas adventures. This supremely dapper piece of luggage focuses on doing the basics well instead of any unnecessary bells and whistles that you see with so many travel accessories today. It is more of a two trick pony but it positively excels at these two things – namely, smoothly rolling your possessions from A to B and looking uniquely sharp.

Quality abounds with the Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase and each one is hand made by Italian artisans with an unparalleled attention to detail and some of the finest materials on the market. This includes thick Italian felted wool with rich vegetable tan Italian leather detailing and this trolley suitcase complies with the usual on-board luggage requirements and measures 21 X 37 X 51CM (8.2 X 14.5 X 20″).

Delicious Details

As is always the case with the wares from Hard Graft, there is an abundant amount of first class details going into the design of this Worldly Cabin Suitcase. The handmade leather accents confirm that the devil is in the details and the inside is lined with a premium wipe-clean black nylon and boasts an interlocking elastic X which will help keep your contents in place whilst travelling. You’ll find a zipped laptop/magazine pocket on the inside of the lid which will come in mighty handy if you often travel with your tech in tow.

Whilst the £1k+ price tag is a pretty restrictive one for a piece of luggage, if you’ve got the requisite readies to accommodate a purchase of the Hard Graft Worldly Cabin Suitcase, it is sure to be your go-to travelling companion for many a year to come. It comes with three zipped wool tidy packs to keep your smaller items organised and the aesthetic impact of the case really is second to none.

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