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When it comes to men’s accessories, it’s fair to say there are few areas in which we are inundated with more choice and options than that of timepieces so it stands to reason that standing out from the crowd is a prerequisite for success for watchmakers today. One such brand that recently stood out and captured our attention here at Coolector HQ is that of Henry & Ashe, a Florida based purveyor of timepieces, who have crafted a mighty impressive range of understated watches that today’s minimalist man will love.

Henry & Ashe believe in beautifully designed and impeccably crafted watches and this is something which, quite frankly, is immediately apparent the minute you lay eyes on their fantastic new collection that goes by the name of Legacy Automatic and which truly showcases their dedication to creating cool, understated timepieces that are perfect for any occasion.

Classic Style Meets Modern Design

A lot of timepieces today have become overly, and unnecessarily, ostentatious and showy and it’s always heartening to see those watchmakers who are prepared to strip things back and offer well-made, understated watches that expertly straddle classic design aesthetics with a modern approach to design – Henry & Ashe are one such watchmaker and we’re mighty impressed with their latest Legacy Automatic series of watches here at Coolector HQ.

There are a lot of eye-catching and impressive features with the latest series of watches from Henry & Ashe which really do belie the affordability of their Legacy Automatic Collection and will make you want to get one of these glorious looking, understated timepieces on your wrist in 2017. Some of the most impressive of these features include genuine leather straps, Miyota movements and sapphire crystal glass casing  – all of which combine to create a highly stylish timepiece with a tangible sense of quality.

Sartorially speaking, the Legacy Automatic watches from Henry & Ashe are amongst the best we’ve seen recently here at The Coolector and for any man who demands a touch of Don Draper style dapperness from their timepiece, these will most certainly oblige. Crafted in the right way, with classic watch design principles in mind, it’s easy to see why this watchmaker has already begun to make waves despite their relative newness to the market.

American Watchmaking

We love our watches here at Coolector HQ and we want to see as much diversity as possible on the market so always aim to champion the causes of watchmakers that don’t necessarily herald from the home of watchmaking, Switzerland. Brands like Henry & Ashe vindicate this decision because it is important to celebrate those who strive to make quality timepieces for an affordable price – something which this Florida based watchmaker are unquestionably excelling at.

Henry & Ashe are a fine example of watchmaking that has a real attention to detail with their watchmaking – something abundantly evident in their Legacy Automatic series of watches – and for those men in the market for a dapper, well made and phenomenally stylish timepiece over the next 12 months then you really do need look no further.

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