Invisible Creature NASA Posters

The concept of space exploration is one that very much interests us here at The Coolector and, to that end, we always check in with the latest happenings at NASA from time to time and it was during these routine checks that we discovered these rather awesome looking Invisible Creature NASA Posters from Seattle based design agency.

Designed as retro style travel posters, these fantastic NASA themed designs from Invisible Creature are up our street from an aesthetic point of view and if you’re similarly enamoured with outer space and have been looking for some cracking pieces of artwork to fill your workspace, then your search might just be over.

Available in three different designs as part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visions Of The Future 2016 Calendar, these awesome prints are available to purchase from Invisible Creature’s online store. Take a look at a few more shots below:




These wonderfully stylised prints are designed to be reminiscent of vintage style travel posters but referencing some of the planets and areas that NASA are heavily involved with over the next few years. We love cool prints like this here at The Coolector and these will definitely sate our appetite for space exploration awesomeness for the next few weeks at least.

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