Iron & Resin Moto Pannier Bag

Thinking of a two-wheeled road trip adventure in the coming weeks then you, sir, need to think about investing in the brilliant looking Moto Pannier Bag from the guys at Iron & Resin. This moto-inspired brand know what they’re doing when it comes to well-made wares and nowhere is this more true than with their robust, adventure ready and effortlessly cool Moto Pannier Bag. This classy carry will be right by your side on any road trips afoot and it is available in both black and charcoal colourways so you’re sure to find the ideal one for you and your adventures.

Whether you’re riding 300 miles through uncompromising weather conditions or making a 15-minute commute in the sunshine, the Iron & Resin Moto Pannier Bag has got your back and at $160, it represents excellent value for money. You never know what Mother Nature has got in store on any given ride and that’s why having a carry as versatile and hard-wearing as this is a must. Iron & Resin have built a motorcycle saddlebag for any situation and, if they had it their way, they’d spend most of our days with a single bag packed, a good playlist, and bound for somewhere new. Sounds good.

Classy Carry

Iron & Resin have constructed their top-class Moto Pannier Bag with 1mm durable Hypalon® (the same material that can be found in military rafts) which ensures it is pretty damn near indestructible even after years of harsh wear and tear. The roll-top allows straightforward access during pit stops and once you’ve reached your destination the pannier doubles as a shoulder bag or pack to keep all your essentials close to hand. Nylon seatbelt webbing straps are reinforced with a heat-bonded twist to keep your valuables securely fastened day-in-and-day-out. 

As with all the goods from Iron & Resin, the devil is in the details with the Moto Pannier Bag ($160). Some of the stand out features of this exemplary carry include the full grain genuine cow leather pocket flap with a water-resistant treatment that make it look just as good as it functions. It is made from 100% Cotton Canvas with pigmented PU (polyurethane) water-resistant coating that will keep the elements at bay out on the open road. At the end of the day, Iron & Resin know the road is long and we know you don’t always know where you’re going. That’s why they made the Pannier Bag so that you can think about one less detail, and rather keep your eyes on where you are headed next.

This will be one of the most versatile road trip accessories you ever own and it boasts a set of universal attachment nylon seatbelt webbing straps for super easy attaching to most tubular frames (no additional racks, mounts, or hardware required). Iron & Resin have attached their Moto Pannier Bag to 1970s Hondas, Ducati Scramblers, URALs, HD Sportsters to name but a few and regardless of what motorbike you own, there is a pretty good chance you’ll be able to attach this carry without any problem. Heading out on a motorbike road trip this fall? You need Iron & Resin’s Moto Pannier Bag in tow.

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