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Killspencer are, like a lot of the brands we’ve covered recently, a name that we haven’t come across before and it makes us here at The Coolector question ourselves that brands as patently great as Killspencer are flying around under our radar with their excellent array of goods that will definitely make for great additions to any dapper chap’s lifestyle.

The man behind Killspencer goes by the name of Spencer Nikosey, who is an industrial designer operating out of Los Angeles, California, and describes himself as a “craftsman at heart”. It is for this reason, perhaps, that we shouldn’t be surprised that he has used his skill to craft such an impeccable range of men’s lifestyle goods ranging from overnight carries through to highly attractive punchbag installations.

Innovation is at the core of all Killspencer endeavours and they continually strive to push the boundaries of design with the goods that they produce – whether this refer to the materials which they use or the processes behind the production of the goods – and we’re certainly impressed at Coolector HQ with all the items we’ve stumbled upon of theirs. You can check out a few of our favourite Killspencer goods below:





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