Kittlemade’s Hempstock Wallet

We’ve been something of a debate here at Coolector HQ on the perfect wallet. Some of us think that a wallet should be as small as possible, and carry only what you need. Others among us want a wallet that can hold anything and everything we might want to carry. Fortunately, Kittlemade has us both covered with their Hempstock Wallet.

The “Wallet Expansionists” like the Hempstock’s use of a card slot, and find that the Booklet sleeve is perfect for hiding additional cards or scraps of paper. And you can always stuff anything else you want to carry into the Field Notes sleeve itself, if you can’t find another slot for it. One of them even swears it will hold three pens, but I remain skeptical of that. Check out a few more shots below:




We “Wallet Minimalists” like that we can eliminate a notepad from our everyday carry with the Hempstock, and the slim profile can accommodate as few cards as we like.  And when we travel, a passport will fit smoothly into the sleeve to serve all our identification purposes. And there’s no reason we can’t stash extra cash, a backup credit card, and passport in our luggage when we are out and about, and would prefer not to risk misplacing the passport.

And as The Coolector’s self declared Leather Expert, they had me at “Horween.”

Price: $139

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