Klopper Residence

We’ve featured an awful lot of residential homes on the pages of The Coolector in our time but we might just have a new addition to the top table in the shape of Klopper Residence in Australia by Klopper & Davis Architects. Boasting a pretty vast 512m² of living space and with a spectacular design aesthetic throughout, it’s hard not to be won over by this majestic piece of modern architecture.

Brilliantly conceived throughout, Klopper Residence is a homage to the mid-century modernist architecture of Klopper and Davis Architects. Extensively informed by its context and its client, the team have come up with a sensational beachside home that is fun, inviting, textural and responds to modern family rhythms and a love of entertaining with some considerable aplomb.

Amazing Australian Architecture

The client for Klopper Residence is a couple with three energetic young boys, so the brief centred around notions of family time, privacy, outdoors and a love of inviting friends and family to stay. Bringing the house, garden and swimming pool together as one were key, in order to enable the couple to supervise and enjoy themselves concurrently.

A floating concrete canopy can be found atop Klopper Residence, which is home to the rooftop garden and continuous panoramic views across the treetops, roofs and ocean beyond. The garden aesthetic is the ideal complement to the property, delivering shade, softness and playful vibes to the outdoor areas and ensuring ample space for the kids’ myriad of activities and games.

Purpose-built to make the most of its coastal location and the natural topography of its plot, Klopper Residence sits on three levels which is borne of functionality and passive design principles. Quiet, utilitarian spaces sit snugly in the topography at the lowest level; with the vast double-height living spaces and children’s bedroom wing occupying the elevated ground floor; and the master suite takes the top floor, acting as a successful parents’ retreat. A truly spectacular piece of modern architecture.

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