La Dacha Mountain Refuge

If a remote retreat is something you’re looking for in a property then the stunning La Dacha Mountain Refuge from Chilean studio DRAA is sure to be something that will be up your street. This eye-catching piece of architecture can be found in Las Trancas, which is a ski town within Nevados de Chillan – a remote, mountainous area that boasts several active stratovolcanoes and serves as the perfect backdrop for such a wonderful and contemporary piece of architecture as this.

The La Dacha Mountain Refuge from DRAA is a tall, V-shaped cabin and it has decidedly striking exterior walls which have been carefully wrapped in charred wood and expansive windows that deliver spectacular views of the rugged terrain beyond. This first class piece of Chilean architecture has certainly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and for those with a love of understated, minimalistic design, it is a real winner.

Wilderness Retreat

Everywhere you look with the La Dacha Mountain Refuge there is a neat design feature that immediately draws the eye and it’s clear that the architects at DRAA put a lot of thought into making sure it worked well from a functionality perspective. It is perched on a slightly sloping site, and the multi-storey cabin has been expertly designed to be highly efficient and to offer the unparalleled views of the scenery that surrounds the structure.

The La Dacha Mountain Refuge from DRAA Architects is nestled in amongst native woodland and overlooks the spectacular Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex, which makes the La Dacha Mountain Refuge an awe-inspiring property that is the result of a site-specific design which effortlessly combines space programming with high-thermal efficiency. This  140-square-metre cabin has a V-shaped design and rises up from a half-hectare site dotted with trees. The building is positioned in such a way that makes the most of the path of the sun, while a highly insulated perimeter and a thermally massive core make it as energy efficient as possible.

One of the most visually arresting features of the La Dacha Mountain Refuge is the fact that the exterior walls are clad in pine planks which have been charred using the Japanese technique of shou sugi ban to deliver an immeasurably cool aesthetic. Burning the wood helps increase its resistance to insects and decay – something which is important when a property is in what can be a pretty harsh environment at various points during the year.

Superior Interior

The La Dacha Mountain Refuge definitely doesn’t disappoint when you head inside either and there are loads of first class interior design features that make this property appeal. This includes the extremely generous windows, especially on the north and west side of the home, which bring in loads of natural light and provide framed views of the wooded terrain that stretches out beyond. The main entrance is located on the middle floor and it is, somewhat brilliantly, accessed via a wood bridge.

Contemporary architecture at its finest, the La Dacha Mountain Refuge has expertly showcased the design talents of Chilean architects, DRAA, and we can’t help but be won over by the striking exterior which has been expertly coupled with the understated interior which delivers stellar views of the surrounding nature.

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